How to get rid of annoying itchy skin with natural remedies

How to get rid of annoying itchy skin with natural remedies

One of the quickest ways to relieve itching is to apply a cold pack or ice to the area where we have itching, being careful not to burn. Today, we will discuss how to get rid of itchy skin with natural remedies.

The itching, itching or itching can be really very irritable and annoying, no matter in which part of the body they happen. The causes are diverse as well as the treatments. Therefore, it is always good to find a solution to your problem.

Symptoms and causes of itching

The simple explanation is the irritation that appears on the skin after scratching. Current medicine also includes within the category of itching when the patient feels pain. It is a sensory reflex towards a stimulus that cannot be stopped or controlled. It is not always physical because it can also be due to neurological causes.

In the case of dermal itching involves irritation to varying degrees. It is not felt in the muscles or in the joints because it is superficial. The itching can have different symptoms and degrees of intensity. The moment the skin begins to itch and we scratch, the itching becomes pain or redness. Some of the physical symptoms of itching are hives, dry or cracked skin, scaly appearance, and blisters or lumps.

The itching may be due to several external stimuli such as mechanical, electrical, chemical or thermal stimulation. Any of them can trigger a reaction that is induced by the histamine of the skin, which causes irritation and the urge to scratch.

The most common cause is dry skin, which can be due to exposure to harmful or harmful elements such as air conditioning or heating, environmental pollution, cleaning products, etc. When the itching is excessive and the person scratches can cause bacterial infections or permanent scars.

Other causes of itching may be skin disorders such as psoriasis, dermatitis, scabies, dandruff diseases such as chickenpox; severe disorders such as anemia, thyroid problems, leukemia, lymphoma, celiac or liver disease; pregnancy because they dry the skin, diseases of the nervous system and allergic reactions to drugs or creams.

Itching can also occur from insect bites, contact with some herbs or plants, change of climate, consumption of some foods such as marshes, dried fruits, swimming in cold water, taking a dip bath or solar exposition.

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Popular Remedies for Itching

  1. Cut a large onion into slices and apply to the skin, setting with a gauze or bandage. If it is a wide area, rub the onion on the skin, without pressing, for a few minutes.
  2. Prepare a hot bath and a cup of baking soda. Remove well and introduce the itchy part, leaving 20 minutes. If the itching is all over the body, dip it into this mixture.
  3. Apply magnesium milk or witch hazel water to the affected area and within minutes the discomfort will disappear. Repeat if necessary.
  4. Boil two tablespoons of linden, valerian, or chamomile in a cup of water for 5 minutes. Drink as an accompaniment to main meals. These infusions have a calming or sedative effect, being very good for cases of nervous, emotional or anxiety.
  5. Apply the aloe vera gel or aloe vera directly to the affected area. You can cut a stalk and rub it gently as well.
  6. Apply an ice pack or cold pack in the area that you feel itchy. Another option is to directly rub an ice cube. This is not recommended for cases of hives or allergy to cold. In this way, the blood vessels of the dermal surface contract and a number of irritating histamines that are being produced decreases.
  7. Wrap in a thin cloth 1 cup of cornstarch and several chamomile flowers milled or macerated. Soak in the tub or container and then apply to the affected area.
  8. Boil a few tablespoons of oats into flakes until a dough forms. Let it cool and apply in areas that itch. Put on a bandage or gauze.
  9. Fill the tub with warm water and pour a liter of orange blossom water. Stay in the bathroom for 15 minutes. This is for cases of generalized urticaria. If it is only on one part of the body, pass a cotton ball soaked in orange blossom water.
  10. Boil a handful of nettle, one of sage and another of Melissa in a liter of water. Drink three cups a day until the itching stops.
  11. Cut very finely a handful of leaves and mauve flowers. Mix with butter until you get a creamy homogeneous. Place in sterile gauze and apply to the affected area, leaving a few minutes to act. Besides being good for itching it softens the skin.
  12. Boil for 10 minutes half a liter of water with the stems of two celery branches. Strain and use the liquid to soak a bandage or gauze, which you must apply in the area that itches. Let him act all night long.


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