7 Home Remedies to Eliminate a fast headache

How to deal with and overcome stress

Since stress is fueled by unexpected novelties, problems and, above all, future commitments, short or long-term, we can now decide to …

1) Focus on the most important ones, those who feel more immediate and unavoidable and leave the others away, making a write list that clears your ideas by placing them in hierarchical order. On the one hand, those to do or to settle at once, and on the other, those who can wait to be done calmly. In this way, you free your head from twisted twitches and organize you better on how to do or solve everything.

The simple act, leads us to overcome problems and increase our self-esteem that we always need. Whoever goes to sleep is satisfied because they feels they have done the right thing anyway, who complains and waits too much worse.

2) You can take some time for you with a walk that gives advice … Movement = Creative Mind

Who is the most important person? IT IS YOU!

Stress makes you believe in duty … (term to abolish) always something to others while in reality if you’re stressed out, you’ll do worse for yourself and others. What sense does it want to do all in order to find pain and complain even in front of others?

Do it for you … find time to love you, look for ways you can take a moment of calm and respect for yourself, sleepy … others will not notice anything but you are … indeed, in fact if you do, others will see a better light in your eyes and will be more happy with you. Find the time you deserve for yourself.

3) You can be more flexible with yourself, giving you credit for what you get and not forcing yourself. Look at how you’ve always done in the past, did you ever end it right or wrong? So how do you think this will go this time? … As usual, rather better because you’re training to do the best in organizing yourself better then.

4) You can delegate to others what you cannot do by motivating them as you can, even just because they help you so much and you are immensely grateful.

By treating others as friends and not as slaves, you will have their participation in the project; they will feel responsible and happy to help you. Learn how to motivate and motivate others, this will bring much more air into your day that will be lighter and slower.

5) You can act as you admire by modeling your way of doing and being. Get a person you know or appreciate for its serenity and simplicity in living and ask what it does, how it behaves to have these benefits. Easily discover which is reinforced positivity and behavior pro-active, that is responsible for what he wants and knows how to get acting calmly.

6) Meditate – Relaxation – Read …

  • Breathe! A simple breathing technique
  • Meditate! A Meditation That I Really HAVE
  • Listen to Music! A Music Relaxation at 432 HZ
  • Relax! A Yoga Relax
  • Read Books! Benefits of Reading

If stress comes back often, you could review goals and resize them. You can make them smaller to give you more chances to reach them … it’s up to you to choose from what steps to get started.

On Stress, you can find various information online just because it’s the illness of the new millennium. I think I have given you some great info to train you to fight it without using medicines or therapies, but I can tell you that work is only for you, just putting in practice these tricks you can win the stress and take everything that is right for you.

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