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How to eliminate doubts from your head

The doubt is wasted! We all have doubts that prevent us from deciding and acting when the doubts are too many our mind goes to seek confirmation and finds them until they become certain beliefs … How to do then?

It is possible to eliminate a doubt that lies in the head and we will see how with this experiment that has scientific confirmations.

A 17-year-old student yesterday told me he already had a lot of doubts about not knowing what to do and what he wanted out of life … It let me down and I replied in a general way saying that it is good to have some doubts as long as they do not become anxious but I did not know how to give him the chance to charge as usual … Why? …

Because I was thinking of not having, the best sentence to motivate … I also had doubts!

Then he showed me a picture of his friend on whom a stranger on facebook commented in a compromising way. I discovered within a few minutes as a simple doubt, turn into a certainty if only he feeds with other doubts. In a moment, his favorite friend had become a ruthless traitor in his eyes.

I then brought several reasons to counteract his feeling in the absence of evidence and I think we have succeeded in seeing him smoother and more reflexive.

We then talked about his passions and talents, what he would like to do and have, and everything has returned to normal and balanced levels. Will it have eliminated the doubt? I do not think so!

Is there a way to eliminate the doubts that we will mix for the head? Of course, choose not to listen to them, decide to do something that concerns us, risk or act before the doubts become the certainty that will be more difficult to oppose.

But doubts limit just that … they take away the strength to choose how to act, how to do it then? How do I get rid of a doubt that prevents us from deciding …?

A doubt may be the starting point for a future conviction that could give us a lot of pain and confirms our doubts will be punctual because what we focus on will increase if we do not know how to balance it with introspection.

By paying attention to what we perceive in an experience we can choose whether to continue to believe the doubt or not, before it becomes an unconscious and perhaps even physical habit , such as depression, stress etc.

It is not the experience that creates our beliefs (especially negative) but is the perception we have of our experiences that create them … And I add that the doubts are our personal interpretations of what we live, our perceptions, some real and intuitive, other unreal and negative.

By coincidence, to which I pay close attention, my eye falls on a mail of a psychology blog I’ve been following for a long time and clicking I come to the home page where I know in question.

The following is an article not in sight but by the interesting content of Jennifer Delgado Suárez from the blog The Angle of Psychology about the doubts we often do and how to eliminate them with a bit of work but from the scientifically confirmed result.

Eliminate doubts

A certain amount of critical thinking does not hurt anyone. However, sometimes doubts make us make bad decisions or, even worse, condemn us to total immobility.

Obviously, the inability to know for certain what a certain decision hides us is something hard enough to deal with, but taking risks is the only way to go about life’s journey.

The studies conducted in the field of Psychology show that when we finish we are victims of the doubt to look for an excessive amount of information (probably trying to find certainty) but in the end, they only make us postpone the decision. If you ever seriously doubt something, you know what I mean.

In addition, it is also known that people who tend to be victims of the disorder generally also develop depressed and anxious symptoms. The good news is that now a new search reveals what might be a solution.

Researchers from the University of Kentucky and the Autonomous University of Madrid have made a very interesting experiment. They involved a number of people who might qualify as “chronic doubts”.

To begin, they underwent a test with the aim of awakening the feeling of insecurity. In practice, in this test, the participants had to form a sentence with a series of words.

At this point, the experiment had a 360-degree turn. The words that supposedly had to foster the doubts had the opposite effect of propitiating security. This suggests that questioning our doubts can have some benefits. Of course, this is not a permanent solution, but it will work in the short term.

The researchers found that we could dispel the doubts even by moving the head in a negative sign. Of course, this effect lasts only a few minutes, so it is not the safest solution to eliminate important doubts. However, it is certain that the study is very interesting as it shows us once more as simple gestures or words can enhance a mental state rather than another.

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