How to fight anxiety and stress? 6 Fast and Easy Solutions

Discover with these simple but powerful 6 fast and easy solutions to give you a fresh start and tackle the days at best. You can maintain serenity and well-being by relieving anxiety, anger and the stress of modern life.

You should try these 6 easy-to-use practices to relieve stress, anger, and anxiety. Easy and fast, you can do almost anywhere (even out of the home). They work, though some may seem a bit extravagant or weird.

1) You have a negative thought that assists you: Describe it accurately and detail on a piece of paper, mention how you feel and be honest. Then he rubs the sheet, put it in the toilet, urinate on it, and drain the water.

2) You have a negative thought about yourself (i.e. I’m not up to task X): Speak this sentence out loud, but this time without energy; redesigns again, with still less energy and molasses.

3) You have a sentence that torments you (grumbling, conviction, etc.): Imagine having on your right shoulder a monster who whisper you this sentence in the ear. Take it by the neck, move it from the shoulder, slam it to the ground, trample it and disintegrate with rays of light coming out of the fingers of your tense hands.

4) Live a bad situation (e.g. you made a mistake): Imagine the situation (anger) in detail, even with the sound, on a TV screen. Then take the remote control and change the channel. Create a program that you like (color images, nice characters, and favorite music); if you want to be the protagonist, feel as you feel. Enjoy the show for a few minutes and then turn off the TV.

5) You said a sentence that annoyed you: With your hands do the gestures of brushing away from the clothes the imaginary dust that has clung to me. With your fingers, you removes the imaginative incantations and bows in the paper basket.

6) You are tormented about a decision to make: Do you have a short question (is it ok for me to accept the new position I offer?), eyes closed imagine getting into an elevator. Around the lower button is your question written: press the button. The elevator goes down, goes down, and goes down until it stops. The doors open. Come out. With eyes always closed looking around. What do you see? Explore the context. How do you feel? The emotion you will experience is the answer to your question. If you do not see anything when you open the doors, take a flashlight and light up where you came. If you come across a wall, take a pick and drop it. Then the exercise continues.

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