Three Commonly Occurring Mental Health Problems

Many people will experience mental health problems at some point in their lives. While feelings of sadness, worry and stress are common, when they continue for long periods it can lead to mental illness. Here is an overview of three common mental health problems.

This condition can be caused by a specific situation or a chemical imbalance in the brain. According to the NHS symptoms include a persistent low mood, lack of energy, irritability, and feeling tearful. If symptoms last for longer than two weeks, a doctor may diagnose depression.


One of the most common mental health conditions, anxiety takes on many forms. Typical symptoms include feeling worried, nervous, or tense. Physical sensations such as a fast heartbeat, sweating, breathlessness and headaches are also signs of anxiety.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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This condition is where people feel anxiety in response to a traumatic event in the past. It could be after an accident, after suffering abuse, or mental trauma experienced after a divorce. It is commonly experienced by people in the military who have witnessed distressing events during conflicts. People with PTSD may experience flashbacks where they remember specific events and the feelings that they had during that time.

Treatments for Mental Health Conditions

Learning about mental health provides the tools to help people manage triggers and symptoms. Whether it’s mental health training courses Plymouth or simply researching online, learning is the first step in understanding and managing mental health. To get started, try

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Thankfully, with the right help, many people can overcome mental health problems. If your quality of life is affected by negative feelings and behaviours, seek help at the earliest opportunity. Your doctor will advise you on the best course of action to get your life back on track.

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