7 Fruits that help you to lose weight

7 Fruits that help you to lose weight

Eating fruit is essential to be healthy, but in addition, there are some of them that are very beneficial if what we want is to lose weight. In this article, we will know 7 fruits that help you to lose weight.

We explain what they are for you to include in your daily diet. In short time you will see how they will help you lose weight evenly, without losing energy and vitality, eliminating excesses of fluids, fats, and toxins.


This citrus par excellence is a great depurative of the blood that also helps us burn the excess fat of our body. It can also be taken even by people who have acidity, since although it is acid it has the property of alkalizing the acidity once it reaches the stomach.

We recommend taking it with water on an empty stomach, during the day, and also for dressing meals, especially when they are high in fat.




Grapefruit is an excellent fruit for weight loss, as it helps prevent fluid retention, purify the body, take care of the liver and dissolve the fat.

We can consume the fruit directly or in natural juice, and if we dislike the bitter taste we can sweeten it with a little stevia.

We can also consume, especially when it is not the season, the essential oil of grapefruit (specifying, when buying it, that it is for oral use). We will take a droplet every morning, mixed with a little honey or oil.


Watermelon, because of its great content in water, is a very satiating food that will prevent us from overeating and is also a superb diuretic. More than 90% of its weight is water, and in addition, it only provides 20 calories per 100 grams.

In addition, it is rich in vitamin C, B vitamins, potassium and lycopene, a pigment that helps prevent cancer.

It is important that we do not eat it mixed with meals or as dessert since precisely its content in water and sugars will intervene negatively in digestion and will make us fatter. Yes, we recommend to eat it in fasting or between hours and alone, without mixing it with other foods, and it will be when we most notice its benefits.

We can eat it directly or beat it, with a splash of lemon, and without removing the seeds, which are also very beneficial.

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Fruits of the forest:

The delicious fruits of the forest such as raspberries, blackberries or blueberries stand out for their high fiber content and their property of regulating sodium levels. But they also contain anthocyanins, components that encourage the assimilation of sugars and fats, so they become essential fruits to lose weight without sacrifices. To better benefit from these properties we recommend consuming them in the middle of the morning or mid-afternoon, ideally fresh, although we can also get lyophilized or jams or juices without sugar.


The apple, considered by many as a boring fruit, is nevertheless one of the healthiest since it is recommended to eat one per day. If they are ecological we will also eat their skin, and in this way will help us to burn fats of our body thanks to the ursolic acid that it contains. In addition, it has high fiber content. We can eat it raw, baked or boiled with a little water and cinnamon.


Pear is a fruit that contains two essential antioxidants to lose weight, catechins, and flavonoids, which fight the retention of fluids and also help us to eliminate toxins and fats from our body. We can dine exclusively pears for a week, eating evenly throughout the day, and we will quickly notice weight loss. We can also eat only pears and pear juice one day every two weeks.


Papaya is a delicious exotic fruit, high in fiber and water, and low in calories, which helps us to properly digest proteins. We recommend starting the day by eating a good piece of natural papaya or a smoothie, to which we will also add some of its seeds, which are an excellent remedy to combat intestinal parasites, which in many cases increase our appetite. It is also rich in vitamin C, folic acid, potassium, vitamin A, vitamin E and vitamin K.


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