5 healthy fruits for your diet

5 healthy fruits for your diet

A good diet should always include an adequate balance of fruits and vegetables, protein, carbohydrates and contemplate all the nutritional needs that your body has and that will greatly help you improve your quality of life. So, there are 5 healthy fruits given below.

So I propose to know these 5 healthy fruits for your diet, as they have many nutrients and healing properties, which make them fantastic and indispensable for a healthy diet.


It has twice as much vitamin C as oranges, has more fiber than apples, and has much more potassium than bananas, all of which makes it one of the healthiest fruits against heart disease, respiratory diseases, strokes, and cancer.

In addition, kiwi helps reduce cholesterol, blood pressure, and oxidative stress and DNA damage. It helps the rejuvenation of cells, and in Chinese medicine is used to heal wounds and sores.


Besides being delicious, the benefits of cherries are several. Not only does it have antiviral and antibacterial properties, but cherries are foods that help prevent cancer and increase tumors. If you suffer from gout, cherries are healthy fruits whose anthocyanin levels will help you lower uric acid in the blood.

Also, the properties of cherries make them excellent allies to lower the risk of cardiovascular diseases and are an excellent food to relieve pain, acting as the natural anti-inflammatory. In Chinese medicine, cherries are used to combat rheumatism, arthritis, and anemia.

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It contains lycopene, an antioxidant present in more quantity than any other fruit, which makes it the most powerful to prevent cancer. It helps to unblock arteries, joint degeneration, and nervous system problems.

Recommended for people with prostate cancer, guava also prevents breast cancer and protects against heart disease. Contains vitamin C, and natural antioxidants.

To make matters worse, it has 60% more potassium than bananas, which helps protect against heart disease and strokes. It lowers cholesterol, triglycerides and blood pressure.


Bananas are very healthy fruits. They contain potassium and iron large amounts. It helps to lose weight and brain functions, which makes it a natural energizer that cannot miss a good diet.

Eating two bananas you gain energy like to play a football game or go running for an hour. It helps the production of hemoglobin so it is effective against anemia, and being low in sodium helps to control high blood pressure.

Recommended for pre-menstrual symptoms by containing B6 vitamins. It controls acidity, nerves, stress, ulcers and cerebrovascular brains.


It prevents cholesterol and is recommended for patients with diabetes. Eliminates toxins from the liver, helps the immune system. It repairs tissues and contributes to the growth of muscles. It is very useful to combat anemia and ulcers.

It helps the growth of children and absorption of calcium and is involved in the nitrogen balance. Helps fight cholesterol. Increases mental capacity.

These are the 5 healthy fruits to include in your diet, essential to have a healthy life.



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