How to relieve leg pain

How to relieve leg pain

The pain can be motivated by an excess of exercise, by dehydration of the muscles or by inadequate footwear. In each case, the treatment will be different. In this article, we will know how to relieve leg pain.

One of the most common discomforts, caused by different factors that can range from maintaining a poor position at work to excess exercise, is the pain in the lower extremities. There are different ways to treat this problem with easy and practical advice that will help you respond to that restlessness of how to relieve the leg pain that has been bothering you. We’ll tell you these tips right away.

Ice for exercise sore muscles

The causes of leg pain can be varied, so there are different home treatments for different factors. When it comes to muscle pain from excessive exercise, you can use an ice pack, wrapped in a towel and put it on the sore area. You can keep the bag with ice wrapped in the towel for about 15 minutes on the part of the loss that hurts, repeating it about 4 times a day. In addition to this, it can be quite helpful to rest the legs in a high place, which are in a position higher than the heart; for example, lying in bed and placing some 2 pillows under the legs.

Ice for exercise sore muscles
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Hydration and stretching for cramps:

Another of the main pains that occur in the legs are the cramps, which consist of a contraction of the muscle that can be quite painful and annoying. These muscle aches can occur in the middle of the night, taking the sufferer by surprise and disrupting sleep, they may also feel after performing a workout. There are several causes of cramps, usually associated with dehydration or lack of certain nutrients. Thus, to avoid the occurrence of these pains it is recommended to consume enough water during the day, to maintain the body with a suitable level of hydration. In addition, attention should be paid to dietary habits, to determine if there are some minerals that are not being consumed in the amounts required by the body.

At the time of the cramp, it is advisable to stretch the muscle that suffers the pain, for example, by stretching the foot to stretch the calf muscle, which is usually the subject of the cramp.

Pay attention to your shoes:

Many times the problem can be in the types of shoes that you use, which can have problems of wear in the soles or irregularities inside these, which causes that you cannot stand or walk in an appropriate way and, therefore, suffer from pains of legs. Buy shoes by paying more attention to the comfort of your feet than to fashions, and stop wearing old shoes that have worn out and do not provide the stability your legs need.

Remember that if the pain persists, the painful leg is swollen or colored outside the natural tone of your skin, such as reddish or purple shades, you should consult a doctor.



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