How to relieve nausea of pregnancy with home remedies

How to relieve nausea of pregnancy with home remedies

Nausea is one of the most well-known symptoms during the first week of pregnancy and in many cases, it can be a key to know if we are pregnant.

This dizziness or nausea usually last until the 12th week of pregnancy. And in some cases, it can last the whole pregnancy. They can also appear intermittently throughout pregnancy. Everything depends on each pregnancy and each woman.

Dizziness is usually common during pregnancy. It is estimated that almost 80% of women suffer from this problem. In contrast, only 50% of pregnant women usually suffer from vomiting. This is usually caused by the high release of hormones, such as progesterone or gonadotropin, which cause a change in the mother’s body. In this article, we will discuss how to relieve nausea of pregnancy with home remedies.

These remedies are given below:

  1. BREAD OR COOKIES IN THE MORNING: Try to have some food stored on the nightstand, especially bread or crackers. In this way, eating a little before breakfast and lying down will help us assimilate the food little by little and avoid the morning sickness that occurs when we get out of bed.
  2. SALTY COOKIES: Both salted cookies and Maria cookies are very good during pregnancy, as they help to increase glucose levels, which usually decay at the beginning of pregnancy as the body gets used to its new situation.Eating them before getting out of bed and even before going to sleep, once you have already laid down on the bed, will relieve nausea.
  3. TRY THE MINT: The mint, both in leaf and in tea or candy, is very useful in calming the morning sickness. This is one of the most used natural remedies, due to the relaxing power of the mint, which makes our stomach less heavy after meals. To make an infusion of mint we will only have to let stand a spoonful of dried mint leaves in a cup with boiling water for 5 minutes. Then we will strain it and we will have our infusion of mint leaves ready. If you prefer to eat them you can also boil the leaves and eat them later. Chewing mint gum will also help decrease nausea and vomiting. Take mint at any time of day to relieve vomiting of pregnancy.
  4. GINGER, A HOME REMEDY FOR NAUSEA: Ginger is a natural remedy that helps to alleviate nausea due to the power it has by reducing the abrupt movements of the intestine during digestion, helping to eliminate nausea, thanks to the fact that it contributes to the decrease of stomach gastric juices, and promotes blood flow in the digestive system. In addition, ginger blocks the serotonin receptors that cause nausea. This helps to reduce the feeling of dizziness and vomiting, provoking a pleasant sensation. We can prepare ginger in many ways. For example, we can make an infusion with grated ginger. For this we only have to add a spoonful of grated ginger to a cup with boiling water. We will let it infuse for about five or seven minutes. Once it has cooled, we should take the infusion with small sips. If we are not passionate about the taste of Ginger we can take it in other ways. There are cookies, gingerbread or candies, a good way to take this plant with a different flavor. We can even find ginger in pills at any herbalist’s shop.
  5. RICE WATER: Try boiling a handful of rice and drinking the water with which you cooked it. This is one of the most effective natural remedies when nausea is also accompanied by vomiting. Although its taste may not be very pleasant, as you drink it you will discover how good it feels to your stomach.

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  6. VITAMIN B6: In some cases, vomiting and nausea may come from a lack of nutrients. Hence, many women have to take prenatal vitamins throughout their pregnancy due to the high probability of anemia. Among these supplements is vitamin B6, which is responsible for the creation of red blood cells and the metabolism of proteins, which help control dizziness and vomiting, suffered in pregnancy. Of course, before taking vitamin B6 we should consult it beforehand with our doctor since the high intake of this vitamin can be counterproductive for the mother and the baby.
  7. DRINK LOTS OF WATER: Drinking a lot of water at this stage is also very important. Although, like everything in this life, you cannot abuse. Try to take an average of 10 to 12 glasses of water per day and always carry a bottle of water on top. Take it slowly and go distributing the glasses of water at different times of the day. If you feel nauseous take sips of water and rest for 3-5 minutes. You can also wet your face with a damp towel. Another option is to add the juice of a lemon to the glass of water.
  8. WASH YOUR TEETH AFTER EVERY MEAL: The mother during the stage of pregnancy may feel that the toothpaste nausea. For this, it is best to change toothpaste or change it for a mouthwash.Try using mint-flavored toothpaste to see if that taste reduces the urge to vomit. You can also find a time of the day in which you feel better to be able to brush your teeth. Remember that vomiting produces acids that can weaken tooth enamel and cause bad breath. That is why it is important that mothers do not stop brushing their teeth even if it causes them nausea.
  9. TRY THE ANTI-DIZZINESS BRACELETS: Anti-dizziness wristbands can be found at any pharmacy. Although they are created to prevent dizziness during travel, many pregnant women have claimed that they have helped with nausea. These bracelets work with acupressure. They have incorporated a plastic button that presses against the wrist the center that produces nausea in the brain. These bracelets relieve nausea in just about 10 minutes, so you just have to put them on and relax.
  10. TAKE FOOD WITH ZINC: Foods such as bananas, whole grains, legumes or fish also help to combat nausea, as they will provide essential nutrients that pregnant women need at this stage. Try to increase the amount of zinc in your diet. You can also consult your doctor to prescribe a food supplement that provides zinc.
  11. AROMATHERAPY: Pregnant women tend to be more sensitive to odors. These unpleasant odors can produce a feeling of dizziness and nausea; hence the best thing is to get away from them. Natural remedies such as aromatherapy are great to prevent odors during pregnancy is to smell a lemon, put a few droplets of mint in a cloth or set our home with some aroma that we find pleasant. It is also advisable to aerate the enclosed spaces, thus avoiding the stagnation of certain odors. This can happen to us in the fridge, for example. To do this we just have to put a glass of vinegar in the fridge, so that it cancels out strong odors.


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