Why Back Exercises Are Important

Back exercises are important because these muscles need to be strong to support the body. When these muscles become weakened they become a major cause of back problems. This is why back exercises are important because strengthening your back not only makes you healthier, but it also makes you more secure. By improving your back’s strength you can avoid injury and save yourself from weeks or months of pain and suffering. An ergonomic Operator Chair at work also plays an important part in back health. Visit Best Buy Office Chairs to see more.

4 Kinds of Oblique Twists to Carve Your Core

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One of the best back exercises that you can do is known as the seated oblique twist. This exercise is great because it targets your back with low resistance and increases your range of motion as well. This means that you can get an intense workout in the comfort of your own home without having to spend hours in the gym. This workout can be performed with a standard dumbbell and an overhand grip and can provide you with an intense workout for your back while still being easy on your body.

Staci, shown doing the press, will walk you through all you need to master this movement.

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Overhead presses are another one of the best back exercises that you can do, because they increase your shoulder rotation strength and work your deltoids. The overhand grip is used to help make the exercise more comfortable, because the palms of your hands don’t have to rest on the handles of the dumbbell. This exercise targets your back, but also works your shoulders and chest. An exercise like this with a barbell will give you a complete workout for your entire back.


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