Can you freeze garlic? You will never believe all benefits

Garlic is one of those foods that must never be missing in the kitchen. Its absence, let’s face it, is often heard. Especially when we cook sauces or tasty dishes without garlic. They almost seem to lose flavor! But we often forget to buy it. And therefore our lunch is lacking in flavor! Furthermore, we know how much garlic is good for our body. This food has infinite properties for our health! In fact, the benefits that we can draw from garlic are innumerable. That’s why you could try a trick to make sure you always have garlic in your home.

Freezing garlic, the trick that will help you

If you realized that you no longer have garlic at home, what would you do? Imagine it’s Sunday. The shops are closed and you have an important lunch. And there is no garlic to flavor your delicious dishes. And goodbye so good looks with friends. Or imagine using some garlic and not having time to finish it before it gets bad. Would that be a right sin? That’s why we are recommending this brilliant little trick.

You will never believe all the benefits

Yes, garlic can be frozen. It is not a very common practice. But it’s a really useful solution! You can freeze whole or chopped garlic. Just be careful. Don’t freeze garlic unprotected! Keep it in an airtight bag to protect all its benefits.

To best preserve, it, cut it into slices and put it in the oil before freezing it. The oil does not freeze and this will allow you to easily extract the amount of garlic you want.

By doing so, you will avoid waste. In this way, you will be able to preserve all the beneficial properties of garlic. And let’s not just talk about the kitchen! You can use garlic for your skin, to sleep better, or to fix the windows in your home! In short, what are you waiting for to put it in the freezer?

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