5 Best YouTube Channels to Help Prevent Panic Attacks

We all occasionally experience feelings of panic or fear. However, panic attacks are much more intense. An estimated 11% of Americans experience a panic attack each year, and it can be extremely frightening, especially if they occur unexpectedly.

Your body’s fear response to a perceived threat is manifested physically as the symptoms of feeling faint and dizzy, which are frequently accompanied by a racing heartbeat and chest pain. It’s helpful to have some strategies on hand for immediate relief if you feel the beginnings of an anxiety attack because when they strike, you are unable to reason. Here are some great sources of instant help that are freely available on YouTube, or you can just opt for the games at online gambling in new Zealand to reduce the stress.

Therapy in a Nutshell

Emma McAdam, a licensed marriage and family therapist on a mission to make mental health resources more accessible, runs the Therapy In a Nutshell channel. McAdam has created a brilliant channel full of easy-to-follow advice, aware that panic, anxiety, and depression can be so debilitating that they prevent sufferers from seeking help.

If you’re having a panic attack, watch A Guided Walkthrough to Stop a Panic Attack. This eight-minute video walks you through your symptoms, assisting you in determining whether your feelings are caused by anxiety or something else. Then it gives you strategies for calming down.

“Even though it’s painful, I’m safe,” McAdam assures. This video is also worth watching in the aftermath of an anxiety attack for brilliant strategies on what to do the next time the feelings strike. These apps can also help you avoid panic attacks as well as some games at real pokies online.

Medical Centric

Medical Centric is a Canadian health information provider with over 60 million YouTube views since it began sharing medical and healthy lifestyle advice in 2018.

12 Ways to Stop a Panic Attack is a video to save. When you’re calm, watch this because it has a lot of great advice for when you’re not. Along with the expected advice, such as focusing on your breathing, there is some unusual advice you may not have considered. A natural remedy, such as lavender, is suggested as a simple solution. You could also try some gaming apps to help you deal with your anxiety.

Everything is presented clearly and is accompanied by animated graphics and live video. Use the chapter guide to direct you to the sections that need to be reviewed. The comments section is also full of useful advice.

Anxiety in Order

The Anxiety in Order channel only exists to show one video. It’s only five minutes long and features a simple white flower against a serene cornflower-blue background. With the message Breathe In and Breathe Out superimposed on the illustration, the animated flower grows and shrinks. You only need to breathe in time with the flower. The goal is to help you slow down your breathing and thus reduce your anxiety.

The simplicity of this lovely little video is its strength. When you’re in a state of panic and can’t hear spoken advice, the gentle music accompanying the flower video will help you ground yourself as you try to restore your breathing rate to normal.

Panic-Free TV

The Panic Free TV YouTube channel offers scientifically proven relief for panic attacks. It’s intended to explain why anxiety attacks occur so that you can hopefully recognize and avoid them in the future.

Although the entire channel is valuable, the Panic Attack Treatment video is a great place to start. This includes techniques for dealing with panic attacks more effectively, as well as the counter-intuitive approach of trying to encourage and prolong panic feelings, which paradoxically makes them disappear.

This is a video to watch, learn from, and practice when you’re calm because the techniques described here differ from those used by other channels on this list.

Meditation and Healing

Relaxation music and meditation resources are available on the Meditation and Healing YouTube channel. If you respond well to calming music, try the Meditation Music for Anxiety & Panic Attacks video. It’s a three-hour continuous soundtrack of calming and relaxing sounds that will help you relax. There’s just a simple pink flower on the screen the entire time, so there’s nothing to distract or trigger you. Instead, close your eyes and listen to the soothing sounds.

Because it is so long, it is ideal for helping you fall asleep or playing in the background to keep you calm. You could also relax by watching one of the many ASMR YouTube channels.

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