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The Ultimate Period Self-Care Guide: How to Show Yourself Love During Your Period

Every woman has a different menstrual cycle. Some women experience severe mood swings and bloating, while others have no menstrual symptoms at all. Finally, you must listen to your body to feel your best. Self-care is one of the most self-kind things you can do for yourself during that time of the month like playing games from best online pokies casinos in Australia.

Self-care varies from woman to woman, but it can range from taking a bath to engaging in a hobby that brings you joy. Continue reading to learn about self-care practices you can incorporate into your day while on your period.

Relax and Take a Mindful Bath | Othership

During that time of the month, a hot bath can help relieve cramps. Add a breathwork session to the mix, and you have the ideal, relaxing combination. Othership is a breathwork app with music and rhythm in all of its sessions. The app’s breathwork library is organized into sections.

Some sections focus on morning breathwork practices to energize you for the day, while others focus on evening breathwork techniques to help you unwind. Othership has thousands of breathwork sessions, so when you find one you like, tap the heart to add it to your favourites list. You can also add games from online casino US if you love them.

Try a Gentle Yoga Session | Down Dog Yoga

Yoga can help you feel better during your menstrual cycle. A study published in the Journal of Education and Health Promotion discovered that yoga is more effective than aerobic exercise in relieving PMS symptoms.

The Down Dog Yoga app allows you to personalize your yoga practice by skill level, pace, practice type, voice narrator, and much more. There are virtually limitless options for classes because it is so customizable. Try the gentle Vinyasa flow at a slow pace for the ideal self-care yoga session, and Sophia Makramati loves a Yoga session.

Lay Down and Take a Nap | Powernap

Your period can often cause you to feel drowsy. And, believe it or not, napping can be a great way to pamper yourself. So try taking a relaxing afternoon nap to help yourself recharge a little. The Powernap app is the ultimate napping tool because it is straightforward.

It’s as simple as selecting your nap time, selecting a background sound, and tapping Let’s Rest. You can also add and edit nap times, as well as change your wake-up preferences.

Listen to Your Favorite Playlist | Deezer

Listening to your favourite songs can sometimes be enough to demonstrate self-care during your period. Deezer is a free music streaming app with millions of songs from all of your favourite artists. The platform features everything from chart-topping songs to chill hits and even POV playlists.

Tap Favorites and then Create a playlist to make your own ultimate PMS period playlist. You can then edit your playlist however you want if you wish to share it, reorder the songs, or download them for offline use.

Practice Meditation | Headspace

Meditation is an excellent self-care tool that can assist you in dealing with that annoying monthly visitor. Headspace elevates mindfulness by providing not only meditation sessions but so much more— including sleep stories, quick cardio workouts, focus exercises, and content to make bedtime less stressful for kids.

Feel free to explore the Meditate section of Headspace and see what you can find. When you need a break from it all, you can try various meditation courses or the SOS option.

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