How to treat itchy eyes

How to treat itchy eyes with 7 incredible natural remedies

A lot of people suffer daily itching eyes. The causes are very varied, from allergies and colds to other diseases such as conjunctivitis. Whatever our first reaction is to rub our eyes, it will give us a sense of relief but it is momentary, right away it will start to sting again because we will only be irritating the area. We give you some solutions that you can prepare at home to treat itchy eyes caused by allergy or conjunctivitis.

Before trying natural products we must ask if the itching of eyes can be due to allergic reasons, if that is the case we should go to the doctor and prescribe something more specific because the priority must be to treat the allergy if we want to eliminate the symptoms, although we can always rely on home remedies to facilitate the work.

On the other hand, people come to the successful eye drops that are sold in pharmacies, with a different composition depending on the problem. Some are sold by prescription and others are free to purchase. However, if you prefer something more natural then we leave you with the best home remedies to avoid itching.

7 Remedies to treat itchy eyes are given below

  1. Apply cold in the area
  2. Aloe vera juice
  3. Infusions
  4. Tea bags
  5. Sliced cucumber
  6. Castor oil
  7. Eyewash based on cilantro

1. Apply cold in the area to treat itchy eyes:

If itching is a symptom of your allergy, the first thing you should do is put some kind of cold material in the area. Pour fresh water on your eye but be careful not to hurt yourself, then wrap a couple of ice cubes in a cloth and put them on your eyelids. In just under 5 minutes you will notice that your eyes do not sting you as before.

If you do not have ice by hand you can try cold spoons. Put a four or six in the freezer for 5 minutes and when you put them on the eyelid until they are tempered, then repeat the process with two of the others that you previously left in the freezer. Little by little, the swelling will go down. This trick works because when we put something cold on the eyelid the blood vessels that irrigate that area constrict and the inflammation is reduced.Apply cold in the area to treat itchy eyes

2. Aloe vera juice to treat itchy eyes:

We all know the great benefits of this medicinal plant; it is used practically for all kinds of problems. In this case, it is enough to extract the juice from the aloe vera leaf. Cut it off and with the handle of a knife push the filling into a container, it is transparent and consistent. Take it to the freezer until it is solid. Then add a little cold water until it gradually softens. Then introduce cotton and soak it in the juice to put it on the closed eyelids. Finally, lie down and take some time to relax listening to music or whatever you want, you have to wait for the skin to cape all the properties of aloe. Soon you will notice how your eyes get rid of and they stop you from biting.Aloe vera juice to treat itchy eyes

3. Infusions to treat itchy eyes:

There are some plants that are beneficial and that relieve the itching. The most significant are:

Euphrasia: It is a medicinal plant with multiple properties for these organs and you can easily acquire it in an herbalist. First, infuse leaves in boiling water, it has to be thick. Then pour it into a container and chill it in the fridge. You should wet cotton or gauze in it and apply them to the eyelids. Repeat the process twice in each application and two to three times a day.

Chamomile: We follow the same procedure as in the previous one. It is effective because it refreshes and because it has sedative, antiseptic and inflammatory properties.

Meliloto: It can also be purchased with an herbalist and has properties similar to the previous ones. Any of the three are suitable and you can even mix them together.Infusions to treat itchy eyes

4. Tea bags to treat itchy eyes:

Moisten two bags of black or green tea and leave them in the freezer for 10-15 minutes. When they are very cold remove them and put them over sore eyes. Repeat the process three to four times a day. The tea will relieve the itchy eyes because it has a high concentration of bioflavonoid and anti-inflammatory substances. It will strengthen your eyes against bacterial and viral infections, which will reduce the risk of suffering from conjunctivitis, or in the case that you already have it, it will contribute to its disappearance.Tea bags to treat itchy eyes

5. Sliced cucumber to treat itchy eyes:

It is one of the most potent home remedies against tired eyes. It consists of cutting slices of cucumbers and leaving them to soak in ice water. Then apply them directly on the eyelids and wait 5 minutes for it to take effect. In addition, you can also take advantage and put a pair under your eyes, reduce the size of bags and dark circles. You can also use it if your itching has an allergic origin.Sliced cucumber to treat itchy eyes

6. Castor oil to treat itchy eyes:

Another of the ingredients indicated especially for its anti-inflammatory properties. You will need to get a small bottle of 100% castor oil and drop a single drop on the affected area using a dropper. It is used for the outer part of the eye in the case of conjunctivitis or inflamed eyelids but never inside. With the oil, you will not only relieve the swelling but also strengthen the lashes. That yes, it has to be 100% pure and not be mixed with other chemicals.Castor oil to treat itchy eyes

7. Eye wash based on cilantro to treat itchy eyes:

Itchy eyes can also be caused by dryness, for example in arid environments. In these cases, the eyes lose their natural moisture and they will sting until they do not recover their natural moisture.

Make yourself with coriander seeds and introduce them in boiling water. Let it cool and through a strainer separate them from the liquid. Next, wash your eyes with the liquid.Eye wash based on cilantro to treat itchy eyes

Prevent itchy eyes

It is better to prevent than to cure, therefore, if you have delicate eyes we leave you with some last tips to avoid the itch that will be useful to you whether you suffer an allergy or not.

  • Vacuums often to avoid dust accumulation in the environment.
  • Use sunglasses often to avoid contact with suspended particles.
  • Use humidifiers to maintain adequate moisture in the eyes.
  • If you suffer from allergies avoid walking through the countryside in spring and summer, as well as places where dust accumulates.
  • Reduce the use of your contact lenses. Apart from irritating you with prolonged use, pollen can get on the surface and make you really sick. Use them at night or in the evening, when pollen levels in suspension are lower.

We hope you will like these tips to treat your itchy eyes. We want your comments and suggestions to improve our ideas. Thank you and have a great day!


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