Tiny red bugs at home

Tiny red bugs at home: tips for getting rid

Small and harmless to humans, animals, and plants can be a problem, because they release a pigment that tends to stain the facade and floors. Let’s see how to eliminate them naturally.

Present in groups, on the walls, and on the balconies, the red spiders create concern in the owners of the houses. Similar to spiders, they are actually mites that reach a maximum of two millimeters and are characterized by a body of intense red color.

THE Trombidium holosericeum, called “red spider mites”, unlike the better known, plant parasites, red or yellow, are harmless to humans, animals, and plants.

In reality, they are useful because they feed on insect larvae harmful to plants and residues of bird droppings. The only downside is the deep red pigment that escapes from their bodies when they are squeezed, the coloring can stain walls, patio furniture, and clothing.

Present in summer when the temperature exceeds 20 °, they disappear when the heat becomes excessive.

In order not to run the risk of having a terrace or stained clothes, let’s see the natural remedies to remove them.


The most effective natural insecticide manages to keep insects away from the balcony such as ants. Just infuse a few cloves and let the water boil for 15 minutes. Once cooled, you can filter the mixture and spray it directly on the plants or walls.

Expanded clay

The spiders do not tolerate humidity so you can spread the expanded clay on the bottom of the pots, in this way a humid environment will be created that will keep the mites away.

Marseille soap

Marseille soap is a natural pesticide capable of repelling insects such as cockroaches. Then let the soap dissolve in the hot water, let it cool, and spray on the affected areas.


Similar to garlic or Marseille soap, the essential oil of rosemary diluted in water, once sprayed on the wall or on the floor, repels spider mites.

If you want you can also buy the plant, in this way you will remove the mites and you will have the aromatic plant ready to flavor your dishes.

Natural compound

Among the remedies to remove red spider mites, there is the possibility of making a DIY mixture by dissolving a spoonful of dish detergent and one of vegetable oil in a liter of water. Once agitated, all you have to do is spray it on the plants or the floor.


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