The importance of First Aid Training, in a work setting and at home.

Why is it vitally important for any workplace to have a fully trained First Aider amongst their full-time staff?  It is essential to have at least one fully qualified First Aider in any work environment because, most businesses could potentially be a hazardous environment to work in.  Even a seemingly safe office space could see an accidental injury that requires First Aid treatment.  Imagine the scenario, a tall filing cabinet left open, computer cables trailing loosely around tables and chairs, liquids tipped on the floor, or no proper step ladder when trying to reach files stored in a high cupboard!  This seemingly safe office space now has a potentially fatal accident to deal with and having a member of staff with some Trauma informed training on hand could mean the difference between life and death.

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Also, why having a basic knowledge of how to administer First Aid could save somebody’s life in your home environment.  Imagine the scenario, your baby is choking on a piece of fruit, your toddler has fallen over and cut their knee, a bee sting has resulted in a severe allergic reaction!  Would you know what to do?  Having a First Aid qualification could potentially save your child’s life because you would know what to do in any of these awful circumstances.

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It seems so simple, yet there are still work environments that don’t have any trained First Aiders on their staff and parents who don’t know any basic First Aid!  A potentially fatal scenario!

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