10 home remedies to grow hair

10 home remedies to grow hair

Get perfect hair thanks to these 10 home remedies.The feeling that hair has stopped growing is very common especially if it is not properly cared for and hydrated.

The most important thing for a constant growth is to have healthy hair with no open ends, as well as to use appropriate and quality products.

An economical and ecological way to get a long hair in a short time is through natural remedies. In this article, we recommend 10 home tricks to make your hair grow:

Coconut oil:

Coconut oil is a fatty substance commonly used in the cosmetic industry as soap.

Applied in hair, the coconut oil softens intensely and can be used perfectly as a conditioner without rinsing, locally on the tips, avoiding the scalp.

Thanks to this product prevent the loss of hair proteins, you will have a much healthier hair and, in this way, will grow quickly.

Olive oil:

The properties of olive oil are innumerable; in the case at hand, we will talk about its ability to block the hormone.

This secretion is the major culprit in most cases of male pattern baldness since it reduces the size of the hair follicle. Thanks to the blockage perpetrated by olive oil the hair will not fall.

In addition, it is rich in vitamin E, has antioxidant action and prevents cellular aging, as well as the formation of cancer cells.


Doing an infusion of nettle and applying massage is one of the best options. This remedy will be left to act throughout the night and will be removed the next day by washing normally.

From 15 days you will begin to notice obvious changes in the growth and quality of your hair.

Lavender oil:

Lavender is an ornamental plant from which essences are extracted and characterized by its application in medicine and as a food condiment.

Our hair will benefit from the application of lavender oil daily for a few months slowing its fall. You will notice intense growth and much healthier hair.

Coconut oil
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Castor oil:

Although castor seeds are very toxic and are used in the manufacture of varnishes, paints, lubricants or brake fluids. Conditions that a priori would make us distrust.

Once destroyed ricin is one of the most effective purgatives and its content in ricinoleic acid protects the hair and scalp from infections. It also hydrates and nourishes making your hair look shiny, strong and thick.


The onion, especially the red one, is an essential food in our diets given its countless properties: Combats rheumatism, gout disease, infections, and osteoporosis.

Add onion pieces to the shampoo leaving it to rest for two weeks approximately, after this period we will extract the onion so that its unpleasant odor is not impregnated.

Jojoba oil:

Jojoba produces a unique liquid wax whose properties benefit multiple industries.

Applying this oil will seal the hair follicle avoiding the escape of moisture, a characteristic that sets it apart from the rest of the products that we offer which act to penetrate the hair.

Almond oil:

This treatment does not promote growth but it will improve the look and quality of the hair. And we know that the main condition for the hair to develop is that it is taken care of and healthy.

Almond oil provides moisturizing, protection, on the other hand, eliminates dead skin cells and inflamed aliva. You will notice that the hair breaks much less affecting the volume and quantity.

Aloe and honey:

By extracting the pulp from the aloe vera plant and mixing it with honey you will achieve a fast and striking growth.

To achieve a greater effect, the bond should be allowed to act for about 20 minutes and then proceed to rinse normally.

Rosemary oil:

Those who opt for this solution against the fall and strengthening of the hair will also delay the appearance of gray hair.

Another of the qualities that make this a very advisable alternative is its action against dandruff, one of the most costly problems to remedy and that most concern us.

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