Techniques to stay in shape and bloomy

10 Techniques to stay in shape and bloomy

It is true that not everything is training. How many of my training partners are more or less in shape, but still, show a pronounced stomach? A few, unfortunately. And it is not that they do not train or work like others, no, the problem is that if the day has 24 hours, and we only train one hour, we must take care of the other 23 hours, but our body is still disadvantaged and very difficult it will maintain a healthy aspect, no matter how hard we try to train daily. For this, we give you 10 techniques to stay in shape and bloomy.

It is necessary to maintain a certain rigor in our habits of life throughout the day and most of the days of the week, but our little efforts will hardly be noticed. We share with you what are the tricks that you should use every day to keep yourself in shape.

Techniques to stay in shape and bloomy are given below:

  • Rule 90/10
  • Exercise
  • Popcorn, yogurt, and fruit
  • Control
  • Social life
  • Work lunch
  • 5 times a day
  • Be intense
  • The fruit helps
  • Fashion matters

1. Rule 90/10 to stay in shape

It is a rule by which we apply ourselves to maintain strict habits of food and personal care for 90% of our time and only allow certain licenses the other 10%. It is an important rule for two reasons. First, because it helps us to be in shape (which is our purpose) and, secondly, because it allows us to break this strict rhythm every week and give us some relaxation, allowing us to fall into small temptations that help us to continue and keep our purposes. If we divide the week into 7 days and if we consider that there are 2 main meals, 14 intakes result. Rule 90/10 to stay in shape

2. Exercise to stay in shape

It is not only a matter of carrying out our specific training plan, which is also one of the fundamental pieces that fit into our daily mission to be in shape; but and we repeat once again, of being active the rest of the hours of the day. Go downstairs, instead of taking the elevator; Walk through the city instead of driving or taking public transportation. In a city, you can walk almost anywhere in half an hour. If you think about it, calculate how much time it takes to travel from one place to another, while waiting for the bus or moving to the stop and from where it goes down to the destination. It is worth walking. It is essential to weigh ourselves daily and always at the same time to control our weight. Exercise to stay in shape

3. Popcorn, yogurt, and fruit to stay in shape

Indeed the popcorn is not just a good plan to take when we see a movie in the cinema. It is an appetizer that satisfies and at the same time contributes relatively few calories. So while at home it is inevitable to suffer those moments of gluttony or boredom that drive us to the kitchen in search of any bite to take to the mouth. In those moments, which happen to us all, we tend to succumb to any product that if we do not control it injects fat and calories into our veins continuously. A good alternative, popcorn, yogurt, or pieces of fruit. Popcorn, yogurt, and fruit to stay in shape

4. Control to stay in shape

Yes, the control is basic, but in this case, we mean the control of what exercise we do and how it translates into our life. Fundamental to weigh ourselves daily and always at the same time. It is something that we have to control especially those people who tend to get fat easily. In this way, the day we see that we exceed our target weight on scales, we can take measures and do a little more exercise or take care of what we eat a little more.

It is good to use any of the gadgets or applications, even on the mobile, which helps us understand how many calories we burn per day and how many as a result of our normal daily activity, to emphasize those exercises and habits that help us in our purpose.Control to stay in shape

5. Social life to stay in shape

It is inevitable, we are social animals and therefore we have to relate and we all know what this means; alternating and socializing is synonymous with drinking and eating. No other way of being with friends has been invented.

How we agree that it is inevitable, let’s take measures so that being with friends does not destroy our objectives. Instead of a glass or a cocktail, let’s drink a glass of wine that, in addition to providing us antioxidants, is only about 140 calories per glass. A beer rod is another option since they are only about 70 calories per glass.

If we are in a meal, drink a glass of wine per plate and help yourself with the water to complete the rest of the meal.Social life to stay in shape

6. Work lunch to stay in shape

We are many who for one reason or another have to eat out every day. And if we do not put some control on it, the result would be disastrous. Apply rule 2.0, an allusion to the generation that was born with the internet. Well, this rule helps me control how much we eat. Of each dish only two bites. It is more than enough to feel satisfied and not get out of control. Work lunch to stay in shape

7. 5 times a day to stay in shape

No, we are not talking about what they are thinking and that we would all like, but about the number of times we have to eat a day. It is vital. If you eat 5 times a day you will not feel hungry and can control yourself when you sit down at the table. When we try to eat little and rarely, it is counterproductive. Spending many hours without eating anything, only leads to feeling hungrier and have a more fragile attitude in front of the plate. Although it seems obvious, hunger makes one devour and eat much more than he would if he does not feel that sense of emptiness. 5 times a day to stay in shape

8. Be intense to stay in shape

Yes, when you exercise, do it with intensity and concentrate on what you are doing. How many people exercise and what they do is a waste time. It is better to exercise less time but intense, than to train without being one thing or another. Concentrate at least 20 minutes of intense exercise, during which you cannot talk.Be intense to stay in shape

9. The fruit helps to stay in shape

A fruit shake in the morning, helps you to take the daily ration of fruits and vegetables, and also makes the necessary vitamin contribution. If this seems small, we give another argument. It will regulate your intestinal transit automatically, making you feel lighter.The fruit helps to stay in shape

10. Fashion matters to stay in shape

Everything counts to achieve our goal; even the clothes that one wears will help him in his purpose of achieving a good state of shape and a suitable appearance. It is not a question of aesthetics, but of how they adjust it. If you wear loose clothing you will feel freer and will be more confused and uncontrollable. Wear tight clothing or tighten the belt one more hole than necessary. It will remind you throughout the day of the maximum of control and rigor. Fashion matters to stay in shape

We hope you will like these 10 techniques to stay in shape and bloomy. We want your comments and suggestions to improve our ideas. Thank you!


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