Athlete Fitness: FIT IN 4 WEEKS

Holidays are gone and you want get back in shape? Do not worry: with the tips shown below, you can lose the extra pounds and get back in shape!

A Month Of Fitness

To achieve the best possible result, you need to combine several elements, including high-intensity exercises, endurance sports and a balanced and careful diet. Using different strength training circuits, you can turn fat into muscles, increasing energy consumption. Lastly, with running, swimming and cycling, you not only eliminate excess weight but also improve your fitness and strengthen your heart. What are the tips to get back into shape in four weeks?

At Work By Bike

Those who go to work by bike kill two birds with one stone, avoiding the stress of traffic at peak times and activating the metabolism and consumption of fats from the early hours of the morning. To achieve the best result, next month, go to work by bike every day!

A Little Jogging Before Breakfast

A bland run before breakfast is an infallible fat-burning method. Being fasting, your body draws directly on excess energy reserves. To achieve maximum results, at least three workouts per week of 30 minutes are required. Once the effort is complete, a protein breakfast is recommended.


To burn fat and at the same time strengthen the muscles, some pools in the pool is the ideal solution. 30 minutes of intense swimming, alternating free style and frog, are enough to consume over 200 calories. Being a sport that does not weigh on the joints, swimming can be practiced whenever you want. Going to the swimming pool involves a considerable amount of time and that’s why the swimming practice is perfect for the weekend.

Energy Circuits For Strength Training

High-intensity exercises not only allow you to burn fat, but also ensure the targeted enhancement of muscle mass: another true step is the perfect shape! Before starting, a warm-up phase is essential, for example 10 minutes of rope jumping. So you can try your hand at the real circuit: 20-30 crunches, 15 arm bends and 10 squat jumps. These exercises can be done every day, better if you just get up.

Day Of Rest

Are you motivated and do you always feel closer to the ideal shape? Fantastic! But beware: your body also needs to regenerate with a day of rest, at least once a week. If you still want to move, take a quiet walk. When you back it’s not bad to feel the excitement of sports by watching baseball and bet on your favorite team to feel the pressure of game, it’s an exciting game to watch that’s why baseball betting is gaining popularity in UK!

Stick to these rules and in four weeks you’ll find the shape again!

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