Facial exercises to fatten the face

Facial exercises to fatten the face

Many times people do not need to lose weight on their face, but on the contrary, they need to fill in the gaps in their face because they see it as skinny or sucked. In these cases, nothing better than the practice of facial exercises, which help to recover the tone of the muscles of the face, filling in those holes that bother so much. In this article, we give you some facial exercises to fatten the face.

Facial exercises to fatten the face are given below:

  1. How to fatten the face.
  2. More exercises and treatments for the face.

If you have a long face or holes that bother you, you may have asked yourself how to put on your face in a week. The truth is that this is not possible in such a short time, but you can tone up your face little by little with facial exercises that will give you a different shape and improve the appearance of your face in a few weeks or months.

The trick is to be constant and perform the exercises every day several times a day, that way maybe a week you see some changes, but the passage of time and patience will make you look much better before you know it.

Facial exercises are not very different from those you do in the gym for arms, legs or torso, muscles take a while to strengthen and you must be patient and constant to see the changes you want. If you want to know how to put on your face you just have to keep reading and put hands (or rather face) to the work.

1. How to fatten face

Fill the gaps in the face to shape the face, is often more difficult than thinning it. For those who have a skinny face, sucked and want to see it better, the indicated thing is to practice some good facial exercises, to tone the muscles of the face and fight wrinkles. Do not forget to use a cream on your face before doing any of these exercises so that the skin is hydrated and elastic. You must also do them every other day, in this way the muscles of your face grow and strengthen that day of rest.

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One of the most common you can do, when trying to fill in the gaps in your face, is to inflate the cheeks and maintain that position for five seconds, making several repetitions. This is one of the tricks on how to put on an emaciated face, but you must give it time and be patient since it is not something that works from one day to the next. Repeat this exercise at least twice a day for 5 minutes every day every other day for a few months to see the results. Inflate the cheeks


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This exercise consists of making exaggerated faces, with all the parts of your face, in several repetitions. This allows the facial muscles to tone up and take shape.

Another option on how to put on the face is this and consists of making a series of grimaces such as smiling, opening your mouth, giving kisses, moving your mouth to the sides, opening and closing it for 10 minutes a day in two so many toning facial muscles , which are usually forgotten in exercise routines.Consists of making a series of grimaces

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Inflate your cheeks and while you hold the air move the tongue from one cheek to the other. You must keep the tongue on each side for a few seconds. It may be a little complicated at first, but it is a matter of practice. Does this exercise until your cheeks ache. Possibly do not last several minutes like in the others, but you will notice that each day you will be able to do it for a longer time since the muscles will be strengthened.

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This exercise consists in passing the air inside your mouth through different parts. It starts inflating a cheek and then passes the air to the upper part of the lips, to the other cheek and over the lip. Repeat several times for 30 seconds, take a break of 15 seconds and repeat.Passing the air inside your mouth

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This exercise is very simple; it consists of saying one by one the vocal letters but without emitting sound. Start with A, open your mouth as if you were screaming that letter. Repeat 10 times. Continue with the E and repeat the same; so until the U.

If you want to have a thin face instead of looking for something to thicken the gaps in your face try one of these exercises to thin your face and have it as you always wanted.

Both facial yoga and laughter therapy are two other good practices, which you can use to tone the muscles of your face and fill in those gaps, which bother you so much. If you were looking for how to put on a face in a week you will know that it is impossible, but with a little work and effort, you may start to see the results in a few days, although the best will come in a few months. Keep reading http://411-pain.org/taking-care-of-your-face/Laughter therapy

2. More exercises and treatments for the face

You already know what to do to fatten your face and have your favorite look, but there are other exercises and treatments for the face that you can try. Although facial gymnastics is quite forgotten, it has many benefits such as keeping your face toned and free of wrinkles and flaccidity for longer.

  • Anti-flaccidity exercises: The years and expressions make your face begin to have wrinkles and lose elasticity. While it is something completely natural, the truth is that we resist change. Prevents and improves the appearance of your face with some rejuvenating exercises.
  • Anti-sagging masks: As a complement to the exercises use a homemade mask based on carrot and orange to leave your face soft, moisturized and give back the youth you so long for.Anti-crow's feet exercises
  • Anti-crow’s feet exercises: Undoubtedly the eye area is one of the most sufferings over time as it is marked by your expressions of happiness, anger and more. Do not forget to express your feelings, practice facial gymnastics exercises for the rooster legs, avoid them or reduce them.

We hope you will like these facial exercises to fatten the face. We want your comments and suggestions to improve our ideas. Thank you and have a great day!


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