How to ice skate

How to ice skate with some easy steps

If you’re tired of seeing in the movies, especially Christmas, hundreds of couples, families or groups of friends, wrapped up to the eyes, with their typical hats and their colored gloves, happily circling under a tent, clutching some, and skating happily to the music and you’ve never tried it. This is your moment! Ice skating is now easier than ever. In this article, we will discuss how to ice skate with 5 easy steps.

Do not think it is a dangerous task, if not the other way around, it will be a super fun experience that you can share with all your family and friends, but yes, you must have some knowledge if you have never skated, especially on the ice that we are going to go on to tell you so that you live a unique experience.

How to ice skate with 5 easy steps:

  1. Choose some skates of your size
  2. Practice stability
  3. Slowly but surely
  4. Hold the position
  5. Do not walk, slide

1. How to ice skate; choose some skates of your size:

Not a number more, not a number less. Exactly request the number you usually use.

Use some winter socks of these thick inside if possible, if you get a little snow in the boot does not get your foot wet and uncomfortable. Apart we advise you to take extra socks to put them after your skating session ends in case you get wet yours, it is unlikely that when you put the skates on the tracks usually provide a few sachets for the feet, that those also act as insulation, but just in case we would recommend that you have others to change.

Squeeze well the fasteners of the skates, do not leave them too loose, as well as feel more control on the skate will avoid any injury on the part of the ankle. Choose some skates of your size

2. How to ice skate; practice stability:

Before entering the track practice the stability on the carpet, try to walk slowly, you will see higher, perhaps it is a feeling that you have never experienced before or maybe if you have ever skated with inline skates you will realize that it is very similar. Start by taking small steps, and then bigger steps as if you were walking, try to take a 360º lap in small steps. Try to keep your balance by yourself. To maintain better balance, it is better not to look towards the ground, keep an external point of attention. After a few minutes on the carpet getting used to your new shoes, you’ll be ready for your entry on the track.Practice stability

3. How to ice skate; slowly but surely:

Do not be afraid, if you have already practiced a little on the carpet and have maintained the type you will have many possibilities on the track. Before entering the track, make sure you wear your gloves. Follow the same sense of movement that skaters who are already on the track are following. If you have already skated before on ice and you defend yourself well, start enjoying, if you do not see little by little, because it is similar to skating on the street but it is not the same on ice.

If you are not very sure of starting to skate, it is better to approach the railing and with one hand begin to slide slowly. So if you lose a little balance you will have where to hold.

We do not recommend that in case you go to fall you hold on to anyone, to be a sliding floor if you lean on someone could go to the ground both. It is better that you fence yourself little by little until you take a little more confidence and you do with the technique of sliding on the ice.Slowly but surely

4. How to ice skate; hold the position:

This is the most important part. Flex your knees lightly as if you were doing squats, lean your back forward and leave your hands in front of you. This is a defensive position if you keep it and you get used to skating in this way you will see what it is to sew and sing, apart from being the correct position and the safest place to start.

If you feel you lose your balance practice the trick of the magic railing. This technique is that if you see that you are going to fall, and keeping the position starts, you imagine that there is a railing in front of you, at the height of the chest in which you will hold firmly while you bend your knees a bit more, this way you put the body in tension and it stabilizes.

You can ask the track monitors about this technique and they will show it to you in a moment. You’ll see how easy it is to start sliding on the ice.Hold the position

5. How to ice skate; do not walk, slide:

Do not try to imitate your walk, skating is not walking, skating is sliding on one foot and on another, changing the weight of the body. When you walk you do it in parallel, one foot on another, when skating you must do it in a V shape.

Whenever skates keep the position that we have explained before and thrust yourself with the inertia of the body keeping your legs apart with the heels together but the split ends, and so patinated in the form of a vee you will see that it is simple to take the steps that you want, in principle is better that you do not run too much, especially if you do not know how to brake, see little by little calculating the distance between the other skaters and seeing how you are increasing speed and fun as you adapt to the ice.

If you follow all our advice you will spend an unforgettable experience on the track. Learning does not take place; it is never late if happiness is good.Do not walk, slide

We hope you will like this article. We want your comments and suggestions to improve our ideas. Thank you and have a great day!



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