Importance of green tea in the daily diet

Importance of green tea in the daily diet

One of the fastest and healthiest ways to regain proper weight and recover health is through the green tea diet, which is extremely simple to do, inexpensive and does not require great sacrifices. In addition, this diet will help you to heal the organism in a deep way. Lose weight not only aesthetic issue but health. When you have extra kilos most likely the liver is weak or in the process of premature deterioration, also the veins, heart, and kidneys may be suffering some conditions without us noticing. So if you are overweight do not think about it anymore, you have to take measures as soon as possible to cure overweight, you’ll see how good you feel after doing this diet.

Green tea is one of the teas with more properties that exist, is currently recommended in depurative diets, and is an excellent antioxidant and especially to lose weight.

Among its multiple properties, the following stand out:

  • Powerful antioxidant
  • It contains high doses of polyphones which have anti-aging, antibiotic and anti-cancer properties.
  • Besides being anticarcinogenic and being able to stop the development of different types of cancer, it also helps to slow down the progress of some degenerative diseases.
  • Relieves headaches, and prevents heart disease and liver disease.
  • A stimulating and restorative tonic of the pancreas, liver, and stomach.
  • Powerful purified blood and intestinal eliminates toxins, gases, and harmful substances, as well as saturated fats impregnated in the intestine and blood.
  • For the above, is an insurmountable friend in diets to lose weight and regain health in general.
  • An excellent drink to treat skin conditions such as dermatitis, the problem of aging, acne and skin deterioration.
  • It has interesting therapeutic effects.
  • Help fight chronic fatigue.
  • Help against colon problems.
  • The polyphones in green tea are (catechins), they are more powerful to suppress free radicals, than vitamins C or E.

What is the best way to benefit from green tea?

So that any tea gives us its maximum benefits, this should be taken after 20 minutes of eating, avoiding sweetening it with white sugar which counteracts its effects because white sugar has no nutritional component and only becomes fat in the body.

How is the green tea diet?

This diet consists of drinking three cups of green tea in the following way:

First cup: fasting, as hot as possible, squeezing the juice of a lemon.

Second cup: 20 minutes after eating, without sweetening anything, and not eating anything afterward.

Third cup: after dinner and before limiting. You should always dine an hour and a half before falling asleep so that digestion is done in advance and allows you to rest.

During this diet you should avoid these foods:

  • Refined bakery
  • Refined sugar and derivatives
  • Red meat and chicken, try to eat only fish.
  • Junk food, fried, sausages, cow’s milk and derivatives such as cheese.

During the diet:

  • You must drink at least 2 liters of pure water.
  • Increase fresh vegetables in your day and try to adjust to the diet proposed below.
  • If you are very hungry at first, try not to break the diet by eating whatever you first find. Better, keep apples handy, which will help to cleanse intestines, cleanse stomach and blood and reduce body fat. Also, they will calm your anxiety to eat. Other appropriate fruits between meals are grapes, oranges, pineapple, and grapefruit.
  • It includes the taking of 3 almonds or walnuts a day, a spoonful of extra virgin olive oil daily and vegetable milk instead of cow’s milk.

    Vegetarian cheese
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How long will you see results?

It depends. If you do it to the letter then you will see results faster. If you combine it with an exercise routine (at least 20 minutes a day), the results will be accelerated. If you combine it with plenty of fresh vegetables, you will be surprised how quickly you lose weight.

The most advisable when you start to lose weight is to maintain a controlled diet, especially if you have been a long time overweight. So the best thing is that you avoid the aforementioned foods and adapt your diet to a healthy way of living, your liver, stomach, and heart will thank you.

What if you do not lose weight with the diet?

It’s that you need to be patient. Many diets are broken because one wants to see results at the moment. You must insist until you get results, even if you do not notice it, from the first day you do the diet, you are already initiating a powerful depurative process.

Diet proposal:

FASTES: glass of warm green tea with the juice of a lemon squeezed. Do not eat anything for the next 30 minutes so that the tea and lemon make their deep purification process.

BREAKFAST: cup of oatmeal, or soy milk with amaranth cereal, or a whole wheat toast with vegetables and vegetarian cheese. Do not eat fruit with meals, it is best to leave fruits in case you get hungry between meals.

FOOD: Choose a cooked dish and combine it with a mixed vegetable salad or vegetable juice. Do not drink any drink but a cup of warm water or vegetable juice. You should not eat any sugary or sweet foods at this time.

BETWEEN MEALS: after half an hour of having eaten, prepare a cup of green tea, add if you like a few drops of lemon and drink without sweetening.

DINNER: vegetarian sandwich or pizza, or salad with tofu, or a cup of soy milk with amaranth or oats, or whole wheat bread with tomato eye and extra-virgin olive oil.

BEFORE SLEEPING: a cup of hot green tea.




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