Five Benefits of Getting Sober

You may think that once the hangover subsides, your body has healed from the excess alcohol you consumed the previous night. Unfortunately, the body experiences long-term effects from the over-consumption of alcohol long after the hangover is gone. Thankfully, if you choose to get sober and stay sober, your body can recover from the effects of even heavy drinking. And it won’t take long to feel the benefits of that recovery.

1. Mental Clarity

Soon after you give up alcohol, your mental clarity will improve. How long does it take for alcohol to leave body? In general, it takes about 25 hours for alcohol to completely leave your body. Once it has, your mental clarity can begin to improve. And the longer you stay sober, the more your mental state will continue to sharpen. And the best thing is, the longer you stay sober, the more you realize that the improved mental state is one that you want to maintain.

2. Better Sleep Patterns

When you choose to be sober, you allow your body to stay in a more natural state without alcohol. Therefore, your body’s rhythms return to normal. This improves your sleep patterns naturally. In addition, you aren’t staying up late drinking, which also allows for better sleep.

3. More Energy

Alcohol is a depressant, which means it depletes your body of energy. Once it has left your system, you will have more energy to do the things you want to do. In addition, you’ll have more energy to engage in activities that will further improve your health such as exercise, cooking healthy meals, and socializing with sober friends. The longer you abstain from alcohol, the more improvement you will experience in your energy levels.

4. Better Skin

It may be one of the lesser-known facts that getting sober improves your complexion. It doesn’t take long after that last drink for skin to look more radiant. But the improvements in complexion can continue up to six months after choosing sobriety. Clearer, healthier skin may be one of the most outwardly-noticeable aspects of your new sober lifestyle.

5. Better Health

At varying stages along the sobriety journey, your internal organs will begin to heal. Your blood pressure will improve and your liver will begin working better within 30 days of your last drink. While liver healing may vary depending on the level of addiction, it can start to function at normal levels after just three months of sobriety. Once you reach a year of sobriety, you may be free of the heightened cancer risk and fertility issues that alcoholism can cause. Because of these improvements, quality of life and expected lifespan will be greatly improved at this one-year milestone.

If you are considering getting and staying sober, it’s important to not only focus on the short-term benefits, but also consider the long-term rewards. If you’re feeling a little better after a week without alcohol, it may be tempting to consider drinking again. However, remember that the benefits of staying sober continue to compound along the journey, and your health will continue to benefit if you stay the course.

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