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How to fight water retention with ten healthy habits

Water retention, if left untreated, can cause the typical orange peel effect and lead to the formation of cellulite. In addition to natural remedies, there are good habits that effectively fight water retention. Let’s see what they are.

The water retention is an aesthetic problem that affects many women starting from adolescence. For many, this is a real nightmare difficult to eradicate but in reality, it is possible to defeat it.

To see appreciable results, however, you need to be constant and act on several fronts: natural remedies, prevention and correct daily routine. By following our ten natural tips, you will see an improvement already after a month!

1) Moisturize the body

The first thing to do to combat water retention is to hydrate the body, so as to eliminate excess fluids and have a smooth, soft and hydrated skin. It is not necessary to drink two liters of water a day because the water supply is also given by herbal teas and foods that are consumed during the day. But make sure you drink enough and provide your body with the right amount of fluids. For this purpose, you can check the color and density of the urine: if you are drinking enough, they will be clear, abundant and clear.

2) Healthy and balanced diet

Following a balanced diet is essential to combat cellulite and water retention. A correct diet provides the body with the right amounts of nutrients and water, and although cellulite is not a direct consequence of being overweight, controlling weight helps decrease orange peel skin. Eat at least five portions of fruit and vegetables a day and limit salt, fatty foods, packaged and over-processed foods.

3) Exercise

Another key element to combat water retention and cellulite is exercise. You don’t need to spend hours in the gym: thirty minutes of brisk walking every day are enough. As always, constant rewards and moderate exercise every day will give excellent results over time.

4) Help from specific supplements

The supplements to be taken to combat orange peel skin are mainly those that help drain. Herbal teas, capsules and syrups based on birch, pineapple stalk, green tea and dandelion help to cleanse the body, fight water retention and counteract swelling in the lower limbs.

Two cups of a draining herbal tea or four capsules of pineapple stem per day are sufficient to eliminate the waste and deflate the tissues. The supplements should be taken initially for 30/40 days, after which it is sufficient to follow the treatment for seven days a month, possibly in conjunction with the menstrual cycle.

5) Reactivate the circulation of the legs

Reactivating the circulation helps to have lighter legs and to fight water retention. Those who perform sedentary work should take breaks and carry out simple exercises such as lifting themselves on tiptoes ten times or contracting the buttocks, even when sitting. To contrast the orange peel skin, the jets of cold water in the shower also seem to be very useful, to be alternated for five minutes with those of hot water.

6) The most useful and effective cosmetic products

The right cosmetic products against water retention should contain substances capable of stimulating circulation, protecting capillaries and draining tissues. The best natural cosmetic ingredients to combat cellulite are butcher’s broom, red vine, ivy and essential oils extracted from citrus peel. Apply the anti-cellulite cream every day in the morning and in a short time, you will notice a great improvement.

7) Relax and have some fun

Relaxing helps fight water retention because stress is not a friend of beauty. Taking time for yourself, cultivating a passion, doing what you love, being in contact with nature or meditating at least five minutes a day, seems to lower stress levels with a positive effect on well-being and beauty, including cellulite. As soon as you wake up, try to dedicate five minutes to meditation: to learn to meditate there are also free apps to download on your smartphone. To pamper yourself even more, try our relaxing herbal teas that reduce anxiety and stress.

8) Lead an active life

Leading an active life is the secret to eradicating cellulite and water retention , so in addition to a daily walk try to move more on foot or by bicycle and carry out a more demanding activity at least three times a week. If you don’t like sports and gym, sign up for a dance class: in addition to getting back in shape, you will have fun.

9) Massages to reactivate circulation

The anti-cellulite massages are very effective because your circulation and melt localized fat. Prepare a massage oil by adding 10 drops of sweet orange essential oil, 5 drops of cypress essential oil and 5 drops of mint essential oil to 50 milliliters of sweet almond oil; shake slightly then use the oil, massaging it with circular movements from bottom to top. Do massages every night before bedtime.

10) Anti-cellulite draining scrub

The anti-cellulite scrub is useful for softening the skin, promoting cell renewal and draining excess liquids. You can prepare it by mixing 7 tablespoons of sunflower oil with 5 tablespoons of coarse salt and adding for the last 20 drops of sweet orange essential oil. Scrub once a week in the shower on wet skin.

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