How to make a spa at home and enhance home pleasure

How to make a spa at home and enhance home pleasure

In times of stress, we all need to stop and give ourselves a good time. Tips to spend a day relaxing and self-care in your home. When the list overwhelms, there is nothing like choosing a hotel and taking a few days in a place that invites to rest and summons pleasure. But we don’t always have the money or the time to get away. That is why it is great to find beautiful spaces in the home, where you can relax without large movements or expenses. We share some keys to make a spa at home that allows you to fight stress every day.

Candles and relaxing music

The first thing you have to do to give yourself a spa day at home is to create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere for you, conditioning the ideal places to download a change: your room and the bathroom.

To adapt this space to your spa moment, start by placing candles of your favorite aromas, with aromatherapy essences. With a stove and some essences, you can create an atmosphere with perfume. It will improve your well-being as soon as you enter the bathroom or the room.

Then, prepare relaxing music: it is ideal for clearing the mind instrumental music or that has sounds of nature. You can also put your favorite singer or band and enjoy listening to the lyrics, the songs you love. You can solve it without cables or transfers of devices with Bluetooth speakers. We suggest visiting Best Facials in Manhattan.

Foam baths

The next step is to prepare a good foam bath, with some relaxing soap and a rich aroma. The immersion bath is a spectacular alternative to replenish your energies and connect with your emotions and your body.

When you take a relaxing bath, you minimize stress levels, release tension and help relax those muscles that are contracted or tense if you are lucky enough to have a jacuzzi or whirlpool at home, unbeatable. When the water is warmer (if you don’t have very low pressure or pressure problems), after twenty minutes of immersion, you will feel on another planet.

Skin care

A good spa cannot skip a good skincare ritual. Creams, lotions, scrubs, added to some accessories for massages or to relax contractures will leave you as new.

You can take a good cream bath in your hair before and leave it half an hour with a towel pressed on the head, and take the opportunity to make a nourishing mask on your face. Do not forget to consider the properties of almond oil: the best ally of your skin.  You can also try coconut oil.

Hot towels

Another key to having a spa at home is to use hot towels, at a temperature you stand, to place them slightly damp on your face before applying creams or any other type of treatment. This will help you open your pores and will make the products you apply on the skin have a deeper and more effective penetration.

They are also good to place on the back and other tense areas. The heat always relaxes. You can also try hot stones, which bring the heat to the point of tension and general well-being.

Massages and self-massage

If we can call a massage therapist to do a session at home, the plan becomes perfect. But we can also solve the massage by the hand of technology alone. Today there are specific massagers for different parts of the body, which you can use every day and relieve tension without depending on another person.

Feet and hands

For a day home spa, we cannot forget a time dedicated to the hands and feet that, as taught by different ancient disciplines of the East, all the tensions of the day are saved. Massaging and moisturizing the legs, feet, hands and arms will help release tension. Today there are many accessories to pamper yourself at home. They are not usually expensive and you can repay them quickly if you use them a lot and give yourself well times every week.

Baths, pleasure spaces

Like the kitchens, the bathrooms have ceased to be second, dark and ventilated environments through a conduit, to become pleasant rooms, with large windows and natural light. This new role within the house also includes the incorporation of technology and activities such as reading and relaxing, which require adequate equipment.

Within that framework, tubs of generous dimensions, hot tubs, towel warmers and other accessories, as well as warmer furnishings and a redesign of the lighting, stand out. Those who can afford are encouraged to make a personal sauna in their home. It is not as expensive as one imagines and is a great ally of well-being.

If we know how to take a while of our time, in our bathroom, we can create an environment conducive to relax and follow a beauty ritual. Visit Manhattan laser hair removal to get the best care of hair removal.

Spa as a couple

By generating a pleasant environment, oriented to well-being, in the house itself, we will have space at hand to spend a good spa day as a couple. It is a good way to propose a time of pause and connection, where to share something pleasant, connect and talk about pending issues or make good plans. Dialogues in a loving and pleasant context can be much more productive and enjoyable.

For some families, thinking about generating a family spa day at home can also be a good plan, where everyone has fun and generates a moment of meeting and shared pleasure. It entertains children and also helps them learn that there are times when it is good to stop and connect with the body and emotions. Especially, girls, they love it. So much so that there are already themed birthdays.

Good teas and nutritious food

To end your spa moment, finish off the good time with rich infusions and nutritious foods. Surely, after so much relaxation, you will be hungry. That is why, for your “little bit of interior care,” you can make a delicious salad with nutritious and healthy foods. You can use green leaves and fruits, add seeds. And accompany it with good infusions, a rich juice or a smoothie of fruits and vegetables.

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