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5 Mobile Apps to Help You Control Your Digestive Health

You may not realize it, but your gut health has a significant impact on your overall health. Sometimes you put food in your body without thinking about how it would influence your digestive system, just like randomly picking a game from real money casino Australia without researching.

Before you grab that sausage roll or glazed doughnut, consider whether those processed meals are harmful to your health. Fortunately, there are mobile apps that can help you learn more about how to control your digestive system.


FODMAPs are nondigestible carbohydrates that may be contributing to your IBS. A reduced FODMAP diet may be useful to you. The plan works to eliminate these potential trigger foods, allowing you to eventually determine which ones are causing your digestive issues.

FODMAP A to Z isn’t exactly for food allergies, but it is for following a low FODMAP diet. There are clear ratings on each food: red, amber, or green. The ratings assist you in determining which food to avoid and which to take.

If you’re looking for a clear and straightforward database of food, this app is for you. By typing a kind of food into the search bar, the app displays the colour coding, category, and serving size.

Cara Care

Keeping a daily diary of your nutrition, mood, stress levels, medication, symptoms, and even bathroom habits will assist you in staying on top of your digestive demands. Cara Care is a comprehensive app designed to make living with IBS simpler.

You can keep a complete log of the foods you ate on your best and worst symptom days, as well as store your own recipes and individual ingredients. The Cara Care app is excellent, but it would be much better if you could track your weight as well, or you can just opt for casino online to enjoy some games.


Nerva guides you on a path toward gut healing over the course of a six-week program using the power of hypnotherapy. The app can assist you in repairing your gut-brain connection by combining hypnotherapy sessions, various reading materials, and deep breathing exercises.

Nerva may not be the most conventional approach to treating IBS, but it may be the method that works best for you. If you don’t want to bother with totally modifying your diet or tracking all of your symptoms, hypnotherapy may be a good option.


Keeping a diary of what you eat and how you feel, as previously indicated, can help you keep track of how these factors affect your gut health. The Endive app makes it even easier to manage your condition by including an easy-to-read visual graph.

The graph shows you how you’ve been feeling over the last few days, weeks, and months. For example, if you’re feeling extremely bloated and stressed, rate your symptoms on a scale of one to five, and then watch as those feelings are visually represented. Following that, you can compare what you ate on a given day to how bad your symptoms were.

IBS Coach

IBS Coach is an app with all of the essential elements you need: symptom monitoring, reports, and a helpful food list. The FODMAP food directory covers substances that are safe, potential triggers, and those you must avoid completely.

IBS Coach estimates how long it will take you to find relief from your IBS symptoms based on the answers you provide during the assessment on the app. Allow IBS Coach’s chef to organize your weekly meal plan, or create your own from start.

IBS Coach may be the app you need to reduce digestive symptoms such as bloating, cramps, stomach discomfort, and more.

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