5 Best Women-Designed Fitness and Well-Being Apps

Many individuals are turning to apps for help on how to reach their wellness objectives in the quickly growing world of health and well-being technology. What’s more, several of the creative apps driving this push were developed by women, whose perspective on well-being has helped to construct a more inclusive approach to the entire industry with some of choosing to play around with best online casinos in Canada in their leisure.

From fitness and nutrition to sleep and mental health, here are some of the top apps made by women to help you get the most out of your health and fitness.

Feel Better by Deliciously Ella: Nutrition, Exercise, Meditation

Ella Mills, a UK-based healthy food expert, created the Deliciously Ella wellness platform. The Feel Better app combines nutrition, exercise, sleep, and meditation guidance into a single app.

Feel Better is an exceptional service that you’ll return to, mainly for the superb recipe area, but also to follow one of the several wellness programs. If you’re looking for some unusual techniques to relax and discover happiness, look into mindfulness resources for sound baths, breathwork exercises, and even reflexology.

SPOKE: Music-Based Meditation

SPOKE was founded by Ariana Alexander-Sefre to provide mindfulness to people who may not have had success with more traditional ways. SPOKE, a music-based meditation app, takes a different approach to meditation. Each track features a distinct blend of relaxing lo-fi and binaural beats, ambient sounds, and lyrical and poetic spoken words. Scientifically trained musicians created everything, and everything sounds incredibly fresh and innovative. You can even use this app as a background soothing music for your gaming sessions with online casino US to improve your gaming skills and potentially earn more money.

We Are Luna: Health Advice for Teens

A lack of proper information about health issues and physical growth can frighten and mislead teenagers at this crucial phase in their lives. We Are Luna was formed by Jo Goodall and Jasmine Schembri to fight humiliation and misinformation by gathering a team of medical specialists to educate young people about their bodies. The resulting app allows kids to easily obtain free, anonymous, and reliable guidance and information. Every young person’s smartphone should have it.

Clementine: Sleep and Self-Confidence

Clementine is a hypnosis app for ladies suffering from anxiety, low self-esteem, or stress. It was created by CEO Kim Palmer, who used hypnosis to get through a difficult phase in her life and then collaborated with professional hypnotherapists to provide similar assistance to other women.

The app offers hypnotherapy treatments, workshops, and affirmations to help you be more peaceful and cope with life’s obstacles.

Clementine is one of many excellent emotional support applications for women’s mental health. Although this app is geared toward women, with specific assistance for issues such as menopause, anyone who explores it will find some useful content to help in a confidence crisis.

Balance: Menopause Support

Balance is the only menopause app accredited by prominent Health and Care app evaluator ORCHA, and was founded by menopause expert Dr. Louise Newson. This app, as well as the extensive professional resource library on the Balance website, equip women with all of the information and self-care assistance that is frequently difficult to obtain during the challenging perimenopause and menopause stages of life.

Balance allows you to track your symptoms, mental health, and mood, as well as monitor your sleep quality and connect with the helpful Balance community. Subscribe to Balance+ to get a more tailored experience and access to exclusive content.

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