Tricks to practice yoga

12 Tricks to practice yoga at any time of the day

If you have read all the benefits that this discipline has for you but you cannot or do not have time to go to a class, do not worry. There are different basic routines to do at any time of the day. In this article, we will discuss how to practice yoga at home.

Do yoga at home, is it possible?

You have the possibility to exercise both your mind and your body at home, without having to pay an instructor or accommodate your schedule. It is important that you establish a routine and that you comply with it, and involve yourself with your decision to practice yoga at home.

12 ticks to practice yoga at home are given here:

  1. Set your goals
  2. Get the necessary materials
  3. Determine class time
  4. Condition the place
  5. Decide the frequency
  6. Learn about yoga
  7. Practice watching videos
  8. Structure the practice
  9. Intensify the practice
  10. Add more days to practice
  11. Keep a constant practice
  12. Preach by example

1. Set your goals to practice yoga:

Why do you want to practice yoga? Maybe you are looking for a physical activity that you like, you have read that it serves to improve the flexibility of the muscles, you need a quiet routine to eliminate stress, and you are looking for something that will help you to heal an illness or a path to peace or full realization. Once you have answered the initial question, try to find out what things you want to achieve with the practice, that is, what your intentions are.  Set your goals to practice yoga


2. Get the necessary materials to practice yoga:

The difference of doing yoga at home and in an academy is that, in the first case, you will have to acquire the necessary elements. At least you’ll need a mat. You may need a blanket to cover you at the end of the class, a small cushion to support the head, a block and some belts. In sports stores they sell all these materials. You can also use your imagination and look for elements that can replace them. Get the necessary materials to practice yoga

3. Determine class time to practice yoga:

One of the most frequent problems when choosing to exercise at home is that we always have many other things to do. So, we postpone it. Do not fall into that error. If you write down in the agenda that Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 17 to 18 you have yoga class, complete it. Leave everything else for later. Determine class time to practice yoga

4. Condition the place to practice yoga:

It is necessary that you practice yoga in a large and comfortable place, such as a room or a room. The important thing is that nobody bothers you, that there are no interruptions and that you can concentrate. The mobile and the telephone are switched off or disconnected. Try to practice when there is no one at home or when they are sleeping. So you will not have calls every time. The space must be sufficient not only for the mattress to be placed, but also to stretch the legs and arms up and down and on the sides. If you want, you can add incense or candles, as well as zen or instrumental music.Condition the place to practice yoga

5. Decide the frequency to practice yoga:

While there are yoga classes that last an hour and a half in an academy, you can practice half an hour per session. How many times a week is you willing to do it? Do not say Monday through Sunday because you know you will not keep it. Determine an easy goal to achieve. If it is necessary later, add more days. Also, at the beginning it is good to start small.Decide the frequency to practice yoga

6. Learn about yoga to practice yoga:

If you have ever been to a class before, you may remember some techniques or postures. You can also search for videos on the internet or go to a class at an academy. If you do not get a free one, attend as an “observer”. If you know an instructor or have confidence with your former teacher, ask about what you are advised to practice yoga at home. Remember that it is a complicated discipline and that you cannot do it without knowledge. Learn about yoga to practice yoga

7. Watching videos to practice yoga:

This would be an optional step. There are videos, which can be purchased or downloaded, that offer various routines for beginners. You put it on the television or PC and follow each of the instructions of the teacher that appears on the screen. You may even feel less alone for practicing at home.Watching videos to practice yoga

8. Structure the practice:

Start with stretching, breathing exercises and a light meditation. This will reassure your mind and eliminate bad thoughts. Then it is practice time itself, whether standing, sitting or lying down. Finally, do not forget the final relaxation (you will surely fall asleep).Structure the practice

9. Intensify the practice:

After several weeks of doing yoga at home, you will no longer be a beginner. That means that you will have the capacity to increase the duration of the practice (you can increase it to fifteen minutes) and also the intensity of the exercises.

Try to look for new positions to work different sites or those techniques that require more movements, always taking into account your possibilities and listening to body signals. If something hurts a lot, do not go on.Intensify the practice

10. Add more days to practice yoga:

If you had started with twice a week, it happens to three, then to four and even five or six. You can leave on Sunday, for example, for rest. If you do yoga and that is part of your daily routine, you will get many benefits at a general level.Add more days to practice yoga

11. Keep a constant practice:

Continue setting new goals, according to your progress. The challenge must never disappear, nor the commitment and desire to improve yourself every day.Keep a constant practice

12: Preach by example to practice yoga:

As it is popularly said, try to evangelize with your word the benefits of yoga. When someone praises your body or your vitality, admit that it is due to this practice. Do not hesitate to recommend your loved ones to do so too. They can organize classes together!

We hope you will like these 12 tricks to practice yoga at any time of the day. We want your comments and suggestions to improve our ideas. Thank you and have a great day!


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