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4 Devices for Helping Weightlifters Build Muscle and Strength

You already know what it takes to build muscle if you’re a bodybuilder or even a casual weight lifter. The formula is simple. Lift heavy weights to cause muscle damage, then feed your body the nutrients it requires to rebuild damaged muscles.

In practice, this means going to the gym, eating a lot of protein, and getting as much water and sleep as possible or playing video games and best online pokies real money.

While the math is simple, and people have been bodybuilding for centuries without fancy gadgets, there are several pieces of technology that modern humans can use to supercharge their bodybuilding journeys and achieve maximum gains.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation Devices

While there are several apps to help you gain muscle and others to help you build upper body muscle, there are also hardware devices that you can use to supplement your workouts. Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) devices, for example, use electrical impulses to stimulate your motor neurons, resulting in muscle contractions.

These devices can produce stimulation that is either rapid and intermittent or slow and long. You can create strong muscular contractions without lifting any weights by using an EMS device.

What’s cool—and a little sneaky—is that your body can’t tell the difference between a muscle contraction caused by a deliberate flex and one caused by electrical stimulation.

The advantage of using an EMS unit like the Compex SP 4.0 is that it can reduce regeneration time while also relieving existing tension and pain, all from the comfort of your own home. According to research cited in Scientific American, EMS devices may aid in strength development as well as recovery and relaxation between gym sessions or you can play games from usa casinos online for stress relief.

But don’t kid yourself: EMS devices will not allow you to sit on the couch eating twinkies while transforming into The Rock. These devices, on the other hand, may help you be better prepared to hit the squat rack the next time leg day rolls around.

Smart Meat Thermometers

Building muscle often necessitates a high protein intake, which is why bodybuilders consume large amounts of eggs and protein powders. Meat is also a good source of protein, so if you’re going to eat a lot of it, it might be worth investing in a gadget that makes cooking meat—whether chicken, beef, or pork—more effortless.

There are several good smart meat thermometers available, each with a different level of accuracy. Consider whether the device has a companion app that allows you to set target temperatures and receive alerts on your smartphone, whether it is completely wireless, and whether it can measure the temperature both inside and outside of whatever you’re cooking.

Samsung Smartwatches

Body fat content is an important metric to monitor as a bodybuilder, especially one at the top of the competitive spectrum. The lower your body fat percentage, the more your muscles will show, which is especially important as you approach competition.

A pedometer is included in most fitness trackers and smartphones, and a wearable like the Apple Watch can measure your heart rate, sleep habits, and other metrics. The BioActive Sensor found in some Samsung Galaxy Watches, on the other hand, can accurately measure your body composition.

What exactly is body composition? Your body composition is simply the ratio of fat to muscle in your body. Bodybuilders will appreciate the data from the BioActive Sensor because it will help them plan and measure the impact of their nutrition and exercise routines to reach the next level of muscle-building and fat-shredding performance.

Sleep Trackers

A good night’s sleep can be a secret weapon, especially when it comes to muscle building. Some may argue that rest is the most important aspect of muscle building because you cannot grow if you do not allow your body to recover. So, are you getting enough sleep?

Probably not, given that bodybuilders and weightlifters require more than the average person. After all, because you’re subjecting your body to strenuous activity, it stands to reason that it will require more time to recover than someone who sits at a desk all day.

Sleep trackers are an excellent way to determine how much and what quality of sleep you are getting. Dedicated devices are also far more accurate than any of the numerous available apps for tracking your sleep.

You’ll want to look into a device like the Amazon Halo Rise contactless sleep tracker or one of the many wearable sleep trackers with sensors that can track your heartbeat and even blood oxygen levels to get the best results.

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