15 Simple make-up tricks for girls who prefer a more natural style

15 Simple make-up tricks for girls who prefer a more natural style

Makeup, when properly applied, can help you look much better. It will only take you a few extra minutes in the mornings to achieve a look that can make you feel more confident and ready to face your day. For those, who are not accustomed to make-up on a daily basis may seem difficult, but there are 15 simple makeup tricks for girls who prefer a more natural style that can make your task easier without you seeing too much paint.

As you can realize, the basic steps are to use base and corrector; mascara; delineate your eyelids and if you want to apply a little shade in a neutral color; paint your lips delineating them first. A plus may be to apply blush and outline and make up your eyebrows, but it is not imperative. Here are some tips for you that want to look even more beautiful, but also natural.

  1. After adding the makeup base apply the concealer in strategic zones. The way to apply the corrector is in the form of an inverted pyramid under the eye, instead of drawing a crescent. With this, your face will be brighter.
  2. If you are not an expert with the eyeliner, apply it on the eyelash curler. Paint a line with the pencil eyeliner on the top of the curler; then use it in your eyes and at the same time you will get curly eyelashes and the upper eyelid outlined.
  3. Only make up your eyebrows to achieve a good look when you do not have time to apply more makeup.
  4. To intensify the color of your old eyeliner pencil, just warm it up a few seconds with a lighter.
  5. To achieve a perfect cat eye outline you can use a card or a tape as a guide

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  6. To achieve bigger eyelashes, heat the curler with the hairdryer. Then curl your eyelashes and apply the mascara without removing the curler from the eyelashes.
  7. Use a spoon to guide you when you use the blush on your cheeks. If it is difficult for you to find the hollows under the cheekbones to mark the outline of your face, take a spoon and place it on your cheeks to draw the baseline. The area just below the spoon is where you should apply the blush powder or gel.
  8. Line a spoon in the curve of your eyebrows to get a perfect brow. The curve of a large spoon is perfect for outlining the arch of your eyebrows. Use this line as a guide and start filling your eyebrows with light movements.
  9. Draw a hashtag or ‘cat’ tilted at the outer corner of the eyelid to achieve the smokey-eyes effect create a smokey-eyes effect, draw a beautiful hashtag symbol just before the outer corner of the eye and then diffuse it with the help of brushes.
  10. If you have run out of eyeliner, the mascara can replace it. Use an eyeliner brush and remove some mascara from the brush; then use it to outline your eyes.
  11. If you want your lips to have a volume effect. Use a clear eyeliner pencil, draw some lines and melt them, then apply the lip color of your preference.
  12. Apply a base of make-up with downward strokes. Applying makeup down helps you hide the lint that forms on your cheeks.
  13. If you wear eyeliner inside your eye, at the bottom, it changes to white or skin color so that your eyes look wider and brighter.


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