Tricks to treat stomach ulcers with natural remedies

How to treat stomach ulcers with home remedies

To facilitate the recovery of the ulcer we must improve our diet and opt for a soft diet, with vegetables, broths and the like, to the detriment of fatty foods. We will also avoid alcohol. In this post, we give some tricks to treat stomach ulcers.

This problem is increasingly common in adults and is basically fissures or open sores that appear in the lining of the stomach and in some cases in the intestines or esophagus. They are quite painful and start as red spots that become inflamed until they break. It is possible to find relief thanks to natural remedies for ulcers.

Why ulcers occur?

These stomach lesions, more precisely in the mucous walls of this organ, have several causes. One of the most frequent is the bacterium Helicobacter Pylori, which damages the inner walls of the stomach causing its destruction. This is fought for a specific treatment but it must be taken into account that once eliminated, it will take a while until the mucosa is recomposed.

Other common causes of ulcers are an intake of toxic substances, poor diet, medication or stress. Among the most recurrent symptoms of this condition are gastric reflux or frequent heartburn, pain or burning in the stomach, feeling that a knife has been pierced between the back and stomach and more acute pain after finishing eating.

Tips to avoid pain from ulcers

  1. Avoid drinking alcohol because this irritates the ulcer, open sores, and inflamed tissues, the same thing that happens when we throw alcohol into a skin wound. In addition, alcoholic beverages irritate the lining of the stomach and intestines, causing more inflammation.
  2. First, use home remedies before opting for medications. These will calm the pain and in turn relieve the inflammation. Sometimes we can confuse an ulcer with acidity. To determine what it is, it is recommended to drink a spoonful of lemon juice. If the pain goes away it was the second option.
  3. Avoid fatty or fried foods, also very sugary soft drinks. The healing of ulcers is facilitated if the person consumes small portions of foods that can be easily digested, such as vegetables, mashed potatoes, yogurt, vegetable broth, skinless chicken, flan.
  4. You should also try not to consume spicy foods, chocolates, condiments or very hot drinks because they contribute to irritation, pain, and inflammation. Smoking is not advised because the cigarette increases stomach acids and irritates its lining. Do not consume non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to relieve symptoms.
  5. Substitute fatty foods for natural foods and richer in fiber, to reduce the presence of stomach acids. Do not abuse milk because although at first, it calms the pain, then increases the acidity and irritation.
  6. Eat quietly, chew food well, do not get too full of meals, avoid spending many hours between intake and intake, it is preferable four light meals than two copious.

Potato juice

Three natural juices to treat ulcers

These three recipes, in addition to helping you to alleviate the symptoms of the ulcer that you suffer, are very delicious and you can enjoy them whenever you want.

They are given below:

  • Potato juice
  • White cabbage juice
  • Carrots juice
  1. Potato juice: This vegetable has been used for centuries to treat this disease, due to its anti-inflammatory properties that reduce pain and burning. It is necessary to consume half a cup of potato juice before lunch and another before dinner. This will allow the excess of acidity to be neutralized naturally. In addition, thanks to its quantity of vitamin C the tissues will heal faster.
  2. White cabbage juice: Its components neutralize acidity naturally. In addition, it helps in the healing of damaged stomach walls and is ideal for instantly calming the pain. You should consume half a cup of cabbage juice before each of the two largest meals of the day. Thanks to the contribution of vitamin U and K, this vegetable serves to restore tissues.
  3. Carrots juice: It is one of the most alkaline vegetables and they contain a large dose of provitamin A, both are recommended compounds to naturally neutralize the stomach acids and at the same time regenerate the injured tissue, which favors the healing process. In turn, the carrot is a blood purifier, cleans the intestines of harmful bacteria, sharpens night vision, improves the skin, treats overweight and expels parasites.

Home remedies for stomach ulcers

  • In addition to consuming these juices, you can take advantage of the benefits of various recipes of yesteryear, natural and homemade to relieve the symptoms of ulcers in the stomach.
  • Pour two tablespoons of dried chamomile flowers into a cup of very hot water (just before boiling). Let the tea be infused for 5 minutes, strain and drink three cups per day.
  • Mix one tablespoon of the inner bark of the red oak tree in a cup of hot water, let stand, strain and drink three cups a day.
  • Make a preparation with a spoonful of ginger and another of marshmallow in a cup of boiling water. Cover, let cool, strain and drink twice each day.
  • Chew and then swallow a tablespoon of flaxseed in the morning.
  • Add honey to the toast, biscuits or bread you eat at breakfast to prevent the growth of H. pylori bacteria, the main cause of ulcers.
  • Make an aloe vera juice with the pulp of a stem of this plant; drink a little before each meal and a few minutes before going to sleep at night.
  • Prepare an infusion of chamomile and lime, in equal parts of both. Drink up to three times per day.



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