When is drain lining required?

Underground drainage pipes provide an essential function. However, over time, factors ranging from ageing to corrosion can cause these critical pipe structures to fail. When pipe issues emerge, property owners or local councils must decide on the best fixing method – either traditional ‘dig and replace’ or trenchless drain lining.
But how do you know if pipe relining is the right solution or when it is required? In this blog post, we will examine some typical scenarios.

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Major Damage or Collapse

If video inspection reveals sections of pipe that are severely compromised and show extensive cracks or holes with the risk of collapse, an epoxy liner may be the only way to salvage the system without excavation. As the rigid resin liner essentially forms a new pipe wall once installed, it can withstand major structural issues.

Even with broken sections or cracks exceeding 50% of the pipe surface, drain lining can provide internal reinforcement. Of course, lining over severely degraded pipes reduces the long-term durability and lifespan.

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Root Infiltration

Tree roots can infiltrate even tiny cracks seeking nutrients and water from pipe systems. Over time, thick root masses can cause joint displacement or even pipe fractures. Drain lining provides an impenetrable moisture barrier that stops further root intrusion and associated damage. For pipes with heavy visible root infiltration, lining presents the only trenchless rehabilitation method proven to prevent reoccurrence.

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When faced with drainage system issues ranging from deterioration to tree root invasions, drain lining provides a resilient, long-term reinforcement solution without surface disruption. In scenarios involving substantial structural damage or rampant root intrusion, pipe relining may be the only viable repair approach short of full system replacement.

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