How to reduce sadness and loneliness with some easy tricks

How to reduce sadness and loneliness with some easy tricks

If we could send our feelings, none would choose to spend moments of sadness. However, this decision is not within our reach and the attitude we take in the face of negative events greatly affects the way in which they are going to be overcome. In this article, we will discuss how to reduce sadness and loneliness.

Sadness is a basic emotion that appears frequently and that does not have to be associated with more serious problems. But sometimes, a prolonged sadness accompanied by feelings of loneliness and inability to continue with the normal rhythm can lead to a situation that seems difficult to leave. How to overcome sadness? Here are some tips that can be useful if you are going through, or are near, a similar circumstance.

15 tricks to reduce sadness and loneliness:

  • Accept your situation
  • Understand what is happening
  • Have patience with yourself to overcome sadness
  • Take your feelings
  • Train positive thoughts
  • Take care of your relationships with family and friends
  • Open up with your circle of confidence
  • Make an effort to reduce free time
  • Find the wellness of the exercise
  • Get out of your comfort zone
  • Important person for you
  • Strive to live in the present
  • Think at what point you want to get
  • Spend time with the little gestures that make you feel good
  • Ask for help if you think you need the support of a professional
  1. Accept your situation: We agree that it is not a pleasant thing, but the options are reduced to accepting it or trying to put it aside to finish facing it later. Do not push yourself, but make an effort to accept the moment you are living.
  2. Understand what is happening: To overcome sadness and loneliness it is important that you begin by understanding where it comes from. Discovering what causes that emotion, understanding that it is a normal process and knowing the phases by which it can happen, helps to take on the situation in a more effective way.
  3. Have patience with yourself to overcome sadness: Not being hard on yourself is a necessary step to achieve a positive state of mind. For this reason, it is a requirement not to judge your feelings or to you for finding yourself that way.
  4. Take your feelings: If you need to cry, cry. Understanding and accepting sadness means not hiding what it produces in us. Expressing feelings is a way of distancing oneself from one’s emotion and releasing tension. Recognizing grief, anger or frustration will help you keep your emotions in order and better understand the situation.
  5. Train positive thoughts: As we have seen in the previous councils, a key factor is to accept sadness; at this point, it is necessary to force her to leave. Identifying those negative thoughts that invade us and challenging them causes them to disappear and begins to interpret reality from a positive point of view.
  6. Take care of your relationships with family and friends: It is normal to feel like being alone when negative emotions invade you. However, maintaining contact with your friends and family has a beneficial effect in overcoming sadness. Remember this when you are invited to plans and avoid your strategy to isolate yourself.
  7. Open up with your circle of confidence: Telling your loved ones what is happening to you will help you see the problem from a different perspective. By sharing it you can even realize if any of your reactions are disproportionate and be aware of the distortions of your thinking.

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  8. Make an effort to reduce free time: If you spend your time, you not only enjoy the activity you do, but you leave less room for negative thoughts. Listening to music, reading, chatting with friends, watching a television program or a movie will make you feel better and your self-esteem will be strengthened.
  9. Find the wellness of the exercise: Including some sport in your routine has positive effects both physically and mentally. Exercising facilitates the regulation of emotions and generates a feeling of well-being.
  10. Get out of your comfort zone: Sadness generates a vicious circle that is sometimes difficult to break. So important is to stay active and practice some exercise like finding something that relaxes you, in this way the tension is reduced and you fill with energy.
  11. Remember that the most important person for you is you: Keep in mind that your goal is to find yourself well, and the key in that process is you. Take care of your appearance, your diet, your sleep and your hygiene, that will make you feel better. Loving yourself is fundamental to impose yourself on sadness, become your priority and treat yourself with affection.
  12. Strive to live in the present: Focus your attention on the moment you are living; Focusing on the present will enhance the control you have over your emotions and decrease the feeling of loneliness. Look for the illusion in the day to day and so you can leave behind the negative emotions of the past and worries about the future.
  13. Think at what point you want to get: The final goal will surely be to get a positive emotion that dominates your day to day and not sadness or loneliness. However, it is essential that you divide it into small objectives so that you are more aware of progress. Seeing how you achieve the proposed goals will improve your self-esteem and make you aware that your efforts are rewarded.
  14. Spend time with the little gestures that make you feel good: Offer your time to that person who you think has needed you for a long time and who have neglected not to find you well, be a good listener and become the support of someone who goes through a situation similar to yours. Take time to forgive and thank, both have a therapeutic effect and will make you feel better, leaving behind grudges and reproaches.
  15. Ask for help if you think you need the support of a professional: It is possible that these tips are not enough or you do not feel the strength to carry them out and overcome the sadness. In that case, seeking professional help can be an effective solution.


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