Causes and some best and simple remedies for knee pain

Causes and some best and simple remedies for knee pain

Knee pain can be acute, due to a recent or chronic injury, due to badly healed injuries or other health problem. The truth is that the knees suffer the weight of our body and can be affected by overloads or sudden movements.

Below we explain what are the possible causes of knee pain and share the best remedies that we can prepare at home to relieve and treat pain, with medicinal plants, oils or even vegetables.

Possible Causes

We review some of the most common causes of knee pain:

  • Arthritis: inflammation of the joint
  • Bursitis: inflammation caused by an overload or continuous tension in the knees.
  • Tendinitis: inflammation of the tendons that can cause pain when running, jumping or walk fast. Tendinitis of the knee can increase the risk of major tendon tears.
  • Injury or torn ligaments: you usually feel a cracking or tearing and a sharp pain.
  • Meniscus injury: usually occurs after a sudden turn of the knee and causes a diffuse pain that can appear immediately or up to two days later.
  • Muscle strain or sprain: also in a ligament injury but minor, caused by a sprain
  • Baker’s cyst: in this case, there is also swelling due to the accumulation of fluid.

When we suffer chronic knee pain, without being able to identify a specific injury, we must know that the knees are related to the kidneys, so if we suffer from any problem or pain we should also treat our renal health. When our kidneys work properly, possibly the discomfort in the knees will disappear.

‘Brian from Quick Doctor said “Knee injuries can be seriously painful and it’s important to let them heal properly before engaging in a more physical activity. Consider using short-term pain relief, such as solpadol, to ease the discomfort your experiencing.”‘

What should we do?

If we have had an acute injury, the first thing is not to mobilize the area, apply cold and be at rest. We will go to a family doctor to perform the relevant tests, as well as the diagnosis.

If the problem is old or chronic or appears without reason or apparent injury, we can also go to a professional physiotherapist or osteopath. In addition, we recommend especially going to a therapist who performs the Kine-Tape technique, which is based on the use of colored elastic bands that many professional athletes use with incredible results.

Also, we review some of the best natural and home remedies to relieve and cure knee pain:

  • Cab compresses
  • Massage Oils
  • Hypericum oil
  • Arnica treatment
  1. Cab compresses: Cabbage is an excellent anti-inflammatory food. To prepare a cabbage compresses we will use green cabbage. We put the leaves for a few moments in the boiling water. Then we will chafaremos them so that they take out their juice. We will put them directly on the inflamed knee, we will cover it with a cloth and on top, we will put albal or laminated paper. We’ll leave it 30 minutes or more.
  1. Massage oils: According to the temperature of the knee we will prepare therapeutic homemade oil or another that we can apply daily to warm or cool the area: Massage Oils
  • If there is inflammation, redness, and the skin is hot: 50 ml of almond oil + 15 drops of peppermint essential oil
  • If there is pain but the skin is cold: sesame or olive oil + 15 drops of ginger essential oil
  1. Hypericum oil: Very therapeutic oil that we can prepare ourselves is that of St. John’s wort, which has the property of improving circulation (it is also useful for blows, burns, scars, etc.) and which also works as a natural antidepressant. We will marinate fresh hypericum flowers in olive oil for thirty days outdoors. The oil will turn reddish. We will apply it two or three times a day on the knee, massaging gently.
  2. Arnica treatment: Arnica is possibly the best-known remedy for athletes and people suffering from inflammatory problems due to its wide use in natural medicine and homeopathy due to its anti-inflammatory power. This plant will be found in the form of cream or gel in herbalists and pharmacies. If we decide to take homeopathy, which we can combine perfectly with the application of the cream, the remedy is called Arnica Montana 9 CH, and we will take three balls under the tongue three times a day, separate from the strong foods, beverages and menthol flavors (chewing gum, toothpaste, etc.)



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