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5 Apps to Help College Students Maintain a Healthy Diet

Eating delicious and nutritious food as a student is essential for developing solid healthy eating habits that will last a lifetime. Furthermore, a healthy diet provides the nutrients required to strengthen your immune system and improve your sleep.

College, on the other hand, keeps you busy. You may find it difficult to maintain healthy eating habits between classes, activities, and your social life. The apps listed below can help busy college students maintain a healthy diet even if they indulge in games from best online casinos in Australia from time to time.

Microwave Recipes

You may only have access to a few basic kitchen appliances, such as a microwave, as a student living in a dorm room. But just because you cook your meals in the microwave doesn’t mean they have to be unappealing and unhealthy.

The Microwave Recipes app includes a variety of unique microwave dishes, including eggs in a cup and beef and butternut squash. When you tap Favorites on a dish, it is added to the list of your favourite recipes, or you can tick off ingredients to add them to your custom shopping list. Furthermore, you can share recipes with friends or on social media or your gambling mentor from online pokies real money.


Calorie-counting apps have advantages and disadvantages, but they can help you manage your weight and eat healthier. To avoid the dreaded “Freshman 15,” download the FatSecret app. FatSecret includes a fantastic food diary where you can track your daily meals, snacks, and drinks. Each food that you log contains a detailed breakdown of calories, macronutrients, and other nutritional information.

You can also use the app to select a meal plan for a specific diet, such as keto, intermittent fasting, or the Mediterranean diet. Another fantastic aspect of FatSecret is the friendly community. You can follow and support other like-minded people here, as well as comment on their posts.

Plant Nanny

Staying hydrated is essential for good health. Water, thankfully, is completely free! Plant Nanny is a great water tracker and reminder app that makes drinking water fun. The app’s goal is straightforward: the more water you drink, the more water your plants receive, allowing them to grow and thrive.

Your daily water intake is determined by your weight and lifestyle, but you can adjust your cup volume and goal. Additionally, you can use the app to customize your plants, track your stats, discover creatures, and complete quests to earn various badges.

Health & Nutrition

Before you start a new diet or embark on a healthy eating journey, you should understand what you’re putting into your body. The Health & Nutrition app is the ultimate food guide, complete with tips, recipes, and a variety of fitness and health calculators. Calculators for BMI, BMR, and body fat are just a few examples.

Consider incorporating all of the colours of the rainbow into your diet. The Health & Nutrition app includes a massive library of vibrant, colourful fruits and vegetables that you should consider adding to your plate for that challenge. Every food item comes with a breakdown of its nutritional information, vitamins, minerals, and the advantages of including it in your diet.

Budget Bytes

The hectic pace of college life makes it all too easy to reach for a ready-made meal or order takeout instead of looking for healthier alternatives. Aside from being unhealthy, eating like this is also costly. The good news is that the free Budget Bytes app makes eating a healthy diet on a budget simple.

The app allows you to use the meal planner to plan your weekly meals and save your favourite recipes into personalized cookbooks. Use the search function to find recipes based on ingredients in your refrigerator, or use the category filter to narrow down your options. The best part? Each recipe includes the price and nutritional information per serving.

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