How to get the most from life in a park home

Making the move to a park home can be a daunting decision. Leaving your current home behind is a big step, and it’s one that you need to be sure of before you make it. You’ll have already covered the potential risks and negatives, but have you fully considered what a wonderful move living in a Park Home could be?

Financial Freedom

First things first, let’s talk about money. In moving to a park home, most retirees will be downsizing. According to Quickmove the average downsizer releases over Ł100,000 in equity, giving you a cushion to ease financial pressures. Your bills will probably be lower too, so ongoing costs are reduced, from low council tax, to reduced energy bills, it’s likely that your outgoings will shrink.

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Peaceful Living

An over 50’s only environment provides the optimum setting for stress free, peaceful living. While younger people may bring energy with them, they also typically bring loud parties, noise from footballs kicked against walls and fences, the irritating squeak of a trampoline. There’s very little of that when you live surrounded by exclusively older neighbours. We can’t guarantee that you’ll be best friends, but it’s far more likely to be quiet and free of trouble.

Why not go for a setting in a rural location? Focusing your search on park homes for sale in Gloucestershire gives you the perfect opportunity to balance access to the great outdoors, with local towns and villages when you fancy a spot of retail therapy. Sites such as provide the perfect middle ground. It really is like a permanent holiday!

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A True Sense of Community

The joy of living surrounded by people at a similar life stage to you, is that there are likely to be numerous shared interests. From charity fundraising, to WI groups, gardening, and coffee mornings, there are so many ways to get involved with your neighbours if you wish to. Ultimately, the most important thing is that you enjoy your home, and what better way than by building a life rich in friendships and interests?

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