How smiling can help your mood?

Did you know that smiling can actually be good for your health and in particular good for the mental health of young people?

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It appears that in todays world teenagers are struggling more and more with their mood and mental health and this is in part due to the pressures they feel from social media to be perfect. You will often find that a teenager who is struggling to fit in will seldomly smile and neither will those who have issues with the alignment of their teeth. This can make them feel even more self-conscious than they already do. There are simply ways to help with this and speaking to a qualified professional will help. It may be that a Dental Implants Cardiff company is your best option in order to give you more confidence in your smile. But once any work is completed to correct issues with their teeth, they need to work on their confidence levels and smiling can be one way to achieve this.

Now it may seem complete counter intuitive to smile when you are feeling, nervous, angry or sad but it can in fact help to bring you out of these negative emotions for you to be able to process them. This is due to the fact that when you smile on purpose it causes chemical changes to occur in your brain and the release of feel good hormones. To start off with you may find that you have to fake the feeling of happiness or feeling confident but by deliberately changing your body language and smiling you will find that over time this actually starts to have an impact on the way that you feel. For example, people who stood and sat more confidently whilst at work over a short period of time actually started to feel more confident and less insecure. The same can be said for your facial expressions. Essentially you may have to force yourself to express happiness in the short term but in the long term this simple action can positively affect the way you feel.

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Body language and mood are so intrinsically linked that one impacts dramatically on the other. Equally our mood and body language can have an impact on the way others perceive us and feel themselves. Have you ever been around that one person who is always negative and come away feel a bit down yourself? This is the power of the energies that we feel being passed on. In the same way a smile directed at someone can actually help a bond to develop between the two of you.

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