Getting out and about in winter

Walking is a great way to stay fit. If you are thinking of embarking on a course of exercise but don’t want the bother of gym membership and wearing lycra fills you with dread then this is the activity for you. Not only do you get to see some lovely landscapes it’s a lot better than being stuck inside a sweaty gym. However the joy of walking should not just be confined to the summer and spring. There are plenty of sights to see in the Autumn and Winter months. So are you a “fair weather walker?” A “really just August” rambler or an “only when it’s a hot day” hiker? If so read on as here are some things to help you get out when the clocks go back.

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  1. Get some good boots on your feet. Go to this Hiking Boots Dublin based outfit to see the types that you can get. Snow and Ice, or more likely puddles, will be no match for a stout pair of boots and some hiking socks.
  2. Poles. There is a strong argument for all walkers to have these. They take considerable weight of the knees when you’re walking anyway but they will also help for support if there is Ice about.

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  1. A good coat and fleece. The secret to keeping warm is layers. Having a good base layer from a t-shirt or under trousers will help you retain the body heat generated as you walk. Have a good backpack to store essential in as well.
  2. Try an urban walk instead of the country. That way if you do need a pitstop help is readily at hand. Just try not to have too many cakes if you do!

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