10 Natural Remedies to Improve Digestion

10 Natural Remedies to Improve Digestion

Digestion is the foundation of good health and without it is impossible to be healthy. The disease arises as a result of digestion in poor conditions. For this, we will give you 10 natural remedies to improve digestion.  This was formerly understood and today, although there are multiple theories to determine the reason for the diseases, the good digestive process continues to underlie. Thus, it is possible to understand that a bad digestion generates metabolites that cause the intoxication of the organism, fat in bad condition that in turn generates cardiovascular processes, gases that damage the intestinal and pulmonary response, allergies that damage the bronchi and the skin, acids that damage the kidney, dirt in the blood that causes ovarian and uterine processes, rheumatic processes, etc.

  1. The first advice has to do with the nervous system. Whoever eats stressed, nervous, restless, watching TV or reading the newspaper, arguing with the rest of the diners and therefore, under stress, do not expect to have a good digestion.
  2. The posture, we must eat sitting but erect. Eating standing or lying is a mistake. In the first case, the organism interprets that we do not have time and it is stressed. And in the second do not swallow and swallow in the same way, and do not metabolize the food properly.
  3. The third has to do with the food itself. Do not take too many different foods in the same food. Keep in mind that each food requires an enzyme that the body must prepare and if we force the body to manufacture many different enzymes, we overload it off work.
  4. Rest after the meal, and instead after dinner stroll. So, go to the gym with the snack in your mouth, distribute the energy available and do not do either digestion or exercise.
  5. The place of food should be outdoors if possible.

    The chewing and swallowing of food
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  6. The chewing and swallowing of food. We should chew well and conscientiously food since the stomach has no teeth. An old saying goes, “we should chew liquids and drink solids”. In other words, salve the liquids and solids to convert them into liquid for your better digestion.
  7. The time to eat. It should be sufficient for the food to come down well chewed and salivated to the stomach, otherwise good digestion is impossible.
  8. The order of food intake. The fruit should be eaten 20 or 30 minutes before the rest of the meal (especially if there are proteins in it).
  9. The mixture of carbohydrates and protein causes undesirable gases and fermentations and although today it is highly recommended by the official estates when eating separate (one in the other meal at dinner) all improve digestion.
  10. Bread, animal milk, sugar, flour and white pasta should be avoided for different reasons, which would give for several articles, but in principle, white foods are digestive retardants and cause gas, fermentation, putrefaction, mucus and saturated fat which cause different diseases.



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