How swimming helps with muscle strength

Most of us would like to get a bit more trim. Losing a few pounds has got harder especially with the extended lockdowns where we were all stuck watching Netflix and the like for two weeks. A nation that was already moving towards being overweight and obese went that way a little further. However, help is at hand. One of the first places to be closed during lockdown was swimming pools. We can get our costumes and trunks back on and into the pool with society fully open.

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Lots of children missed out on school and private swimming classes, but there is still time to catch up. Mansfield Children swimming Lessons, through, is always a good time to sign them up at whatever age. Even as an adult, it’s a good idea to be able to swim. It could well save yours, or someone else’s for that matter, and it’s never too late to learn.

One of the best things about swimming is that it can increase your overall health both physically and mentally. Here’s how.

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Firstly, swimming tones muscles. You use pretty much every single muscle in your body when you swim. The front crawl and breaststroke are two of the best for this, but the backstroke is just as good if you want a lighter workout.

Secondly, it is also aerobic. You will increase your heart rate and your lung capacity when you go swimming.  Not only are you working your body outside, but your insides are being made to work very hard too. However, swimming is a low-impact sport, unlike running or using weights and equipment. As you cut through the water, the force required means that you have to exert yourself to make any headway.

The final part is the mental health and well-being benefits this gives you.  As you float on the water, time seems to stand still. It’s one of the best places to be in a heatwave, in a registered and safe pool; swimming in open water is dangerous. Swimming is a great way to forget yourself for a bit, or if you have issues with ADHD, it allows you to truly focus on one thing and quiet the mind considerably.







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