implantation bleeding color

What is implantation bleeding color or false rule

Implantation bleeding color– A usual question in the first consultations of Obstetrics has as a protagonist a small spotting. Which you could have in the initial weeks of your pregnancy, implantation bleeding color, commonly known as a false rule.

It can trigger fear because of its possible relationship with a threat of abortion. Therefore, we would like to clarify the most frequent doubts that arise to patients.

Consultation of a patient with implantation bleeding color

the implantation bleeding color


We are going to develop this topic in a dynamic way, as if we were in consultation. We are facing each other. You, as a pregnant woman, pose to me the doubts that have arisen in your day to day about this bleeding implant. And I, as a specialist in Obstetrics, I answer them. Here begins our consultation …

  • MEDICAL (M): Good morning, are you pregnant? !! Congratulations!! How are you?
  • PREGNANT (E): Thank you very much doctor, but the truth is that I am a little worried.
  • M: Worried, why? Something has happened?
  • E: The truth is that yes, the other day I had a stain and I did not know how to react.
  • M: How was that bleeding?
  • E: Simply, when I went to the bathroom I noticed that I had a dark spot and little quantity, I thought it was my rule and that I had not been able to get pregnant. But since I was a little late I had done the urine pregnancy test on the day before. And I had left positive, so I decided to come running to the specialist.
  • M: Therefore, it was a small amount, darker in color than menstruation and of duration … how long did it last?
  • E: Well, more or less a day or a day and a half, a little bit.
  • M: And, did it coincide approximately with the date that the rule had to come?
  • E: Yes, yes … one or two days later.
  • M: Do not worry; the most frequent thing is that the spotting that you have had, is what in obstetrics we call implantation bleeding color.
  • E: And what is implantation bleeding color?
  • M: Well, it is what has described me, a blood expulsion, darker. As a rule than menstruation, which can be confused with it. Because it usually occurs six or ten days after fertilization. On the date that would coincide with the following rule. In addition, it is usually of short duration, approximately one to three days.
  • E: But, I do not understand and why stain? Why does this bleeding occur?
  • M: It is very simple, the uterus with pregnancy is filled with vessels that allow a correct secularization of your baby and that is triggered from the first days. Therefore, upon implantation of the fertilized embryonic egg in the uterine wall. Some of these vessels may be broken and staining may occur.
  • E: And is it dangerous for my baby?
  • M: Not much less, one out of three women suffers from it and is not considered a threat of abortion. If not something physiological, such as perambulator bleeding  that occurs on some occasions.
  • Q: So … what should I do?
  • M: It is not necessary to do anything extraordinary, we have to follow the normal control of a pregnancy and it is not necessary to rest.
  • P: But if this bleeding goes to more, what do I do?
  • M: If the spotting happens to be more abundant or have a more intense color, you should go to an emergency department. Or my office again, to carry out an ultrasound check and rule out that what you are suffering is not a simple bleeding implantation. But something else, like a threat of abortion.
  • P: Well thank you very much; the truth is that I am much calmer.
  • M: I’m very happy. On the other hand, do you have nausea? What vitamin supplement are you taking? …

We hope that this little story you liked and clarify those doubts that appear with bleeding and staining at the beginning of pregnancy. Do not worry and enjoy the day to day of your pregnancy.

Implantation bleeding, step by step

Implantation bleeding is a spotting that occurs between six to ten days after the union of the ovum with the sperm.

  • It is not pathological, since a third of pregnant women suffer from it without having a dangerous meaning.
  • The duration of the same may vary: it may last only 24 hours and up to three days.
  • One of the most difficult things in these cases is to differentiate it from the rule. What can help you most is to observe that it is not the same as menstruation. Especially in terms of quantity and duration.
  • Premenstrual syndrome or pregnancy?  You can have reasonable doubts, since discomfort in hypothermia, irritability.
  • Therefore, before the possibility of pregnancy and the presence of a small bleeding. It would be advisable to carry out a pregnancy test, to get rid of doubts.

Do not forget that if the characteristics of this bleeding vary you should go to the specialists to observe. By means of an ultrasound control, the specialist can verify that the embryo is located within the uterine cavity and its viability is adequate.

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