gymnastic exercises

Warm-up, strengthening and muscle stretching gymnastic exercises

Gymnastic exercises aim to strengthen the muscles, improve joint mobility, posture, and cardiovascular and respiratory function, often compromised by excess weight and sedentary lifestyle.

Also for the purpose of weight loss, this type of work is fundamental, because it acts on the basal metabolism and on the muscle mass, that is on the strength.


The heating serves to prepare the body for the performance of the activity, gradually activating the functioning of organs and systems involved, in order to make the safest and most effective work.

It precedes the actual training phase and can be represented by a cyclic activity, such as walking, marching on the spot or pedaling, or by gymnastic movements, lasting 10-15 minutes.

How to perform the exercises

The exercises should be performed at moderate speed, trying to focus on the correct execution of the movement in its entirety: this means that it is not important to take care of the movement only for its own sake, but it is also necessary to monitor the posture and correctly match breathing, since incorrect execution may not be beneficial or even harmful.

The first movements of each exercise must be completed with particular caution in order to check that you are not experiencing discomfort or pain: to ensure that the work you are carrying out can be useful and safe, it is important to respect your limits, especially if you are not trained.

In case of problems, it is always a good idea to consult your doctor.

Some advices

– In the first training period it is good to perform a low number of repetitions, corresponding to about 8-10 movements per exercise, to be completed at a moderate speed and for a single series, or for a single group of repetitions.

– Over time there will be a need to increase the volume of the work, to accommodate the improvements obtained: it will then be possible to increase the number of repetitions and series, remembering however to intersperse the series with a little recovery.

– It is advisable to perform the exercises 2-3 times a week, after aerobic activity or after a good warm-up.

– Gymnastic exercises can also be carried out in water, with less stress on the joints: an excellent alternative especially for those who are very overweight or have specific joint problems.

– It is good to start each session with a little warm-up and end it with some stretching and muscle relaxation exercises.

– If you attend a gym and follow a specific training program, it is always advisable to perform the exercises respecting the sequence indicated by the sheet, which usually involves the performance of the most demanding exercises in the central session, when the muscles are warmer and the risk of accidents is lower.

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