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Seven keys to maintaining a healthy lifestyle during quarantine

Something that we are clear these days is that this quarantine and social distancing is affecting us all. Emotional exhaustion, high levels of stress and anxiety and lack of social contact can affect us and, therefore, it is almost more important than ever that we try to take care of ourselves inside and out to maintain healthy lifestyle.

It is likely to cost us a little more than usual and there are days that we do not feel like, but we can try to keep some keys to maintaining a healthy lifestyle during these weeks that help us to better maintain both our physical and mental health.

Move more so as not to become sedentary

One of the circumstances that are occurring with quarantine is that many people are either not going out to work, or those who work do so from home – in many cases for the first time. This implies that our up time and movement time is greatly reduced.

Even if we do some sports time, it will be of little use if we spend most of the day sitting in front of the computer or on the sofa. Therefore, increasing our physical activity is much more than doing sports. It’s about spending more hours of the day on the go.

To do this we get up from time to time – whether we are working or not – and force ourselves to move and walk. If we have an activity bracelet, it can help us, since it alerts us when we have not moved for a long time.

Make a healthy purchase and have only what we want to eat at home

The recommendation these days is that we also take care of our diet , but it is easier said than done. Boredom and anxiety can make us want to eat less healthy than usual.

In general, we eat what we have in sight. Therefore, to take care of our health and nutrition, it is interesting that we only have healthy food at home. These days the way we make food is especially important and knowing how to make a healthy shopping list will help us a lot .

Practice physical exercise

In addition to moving more, it is interesting that we do physical exercise on a daily basis. On the one hand, it will help us maintain our muscle mass despite being less active. Not only that, but it will help to avoid bodily pain caused by lack of mobility and will help us control our weight.

In addition, doing sports is extremely beneficial these days to take care of our mental health and help us alleviate the symptoms that we may have of anxiety and stress. With the practice of exercises, we will release hormones such as endorphins that will increase our feeling of well-being these days.

Try to rest properly

In situations of great stress, anxiety or concern such as the one we are experiencing, it is not surprising that signs and symptoms of insomnia appear. Adequate rest is, however, a key part of our physical and mental well-being, and trying to take care of it is key to trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle during this quarantine.

Avoiding the use of substances such as alcohol and tobacco can help. Also try to maintain some sleep hygiene , preparing the appropriate light level one hour before going to sleep, taking care of the temperature in the room and avoiding strong stimuli as well as the light from electronic devices such as mobile phones about 45 minutes before leaving to sleep.

Perform stretches that help us avoid the effects of standing

One of the things that we will probably notice the most is that our body hurts more. The reason is simple: we probably spend more time sitting and in bad postures than ever. These sustained body positions cause pain, but immobility also helps by causing atrophy in the muscles.

If we add to this the effect of anxiety, which usually causes our body to over-tense, surely we need to be more careful to reduce pain. Performing simple stretches to relieve neck, arm, leg and back pain may be a good idea.

We can also take advantage to start practicing physical activities such as Yoga or Pilates that will help us relax while working on the flexibility of our body.

Maintain stable life routines

To maintain a healthy lifestyle these days it is not enough to take care of our body. We will also have to take care of our mental health. For this, one of the most repeated recommendations is that we try to maintain certain routines such as schedules similar to those we had before. We can try to always get up at the same time, eat at the same time, etc. As well as trying to keep certain activities stable on a daily basis.

Take care of our social relationships and keep them active

Furthermore, we must bear in mind that socially distanced does not mean isolated. During this quarantine, it is important that we take care of our social relationships to maintain a healthy lifestyle and take care of our lifestyle.

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