Which attributes consider in the choice of bong?

When you decide to integrate one or more bongs in your offer, the price is a fundamental component but it is certainly not the only one to indicate the quality of the bong.

What other attributes, as we like to call them, should be considered in addition to the price?

To answer this question and consequently facilitate you in choosing the most suitable bong for you, we recommend you to read this article to know different basic attributes and after that visit the best online headshop to buy your bong.

We see most often the height and diameter of the bong are “discounted” information, but certainly it has preferences. Someone who prefers a small bong to a 50 cm high; although the latter is referred to as the ideal height.

The material, in our opinion, the most important attribute. There are bongs in acrylic, glass and borosilicate glass. The borosilicate glass is the most valuable material with which it can be produced because a bong is synonymous with a durable product, the average thickness of 0.4 to 0.5 cm.

Another essential attribute concerns the presence of the percolator inside the bong. The percolator allows to cool the smoke before being sucked.

Percolator that should not be confused with the precooler, which is an object that allows you to further cool the smoke and ensure an even more intense smoke experience. The precooler can be added to all the bongs. For some bongs it can be included in the kit, for others it must be purchased separately.

The kickhole attribute indicates in technical jargon the presence or absence of the hole, usually at the height of the brazier. It is a hole that is closed when using the bong to prevent smoke from escaping.

The brazier attack indicates its diameter. It is essential to know if the size of the brazier to be purchased is broken.

Other important attributes for your customers are the attributes that provide information if the bong can also be used with ice and oils. The bongs that can be used with ice are distinguished by a bottleneck in the central part while the bongs that can be used with oils are equipped with dedicated braziers.

A further consideration must be made considering the difference between the ampoule bong and the tube bong.

The ampoule bong is for smokers more experienced because the smoke condenses in the ampoule and when it is sucked you need to be able to suck the smoke with full lungs so as not to leave residues.

While the tube bong is easier to use because the smoke does not condense and is therefore much easier to vacuum without leaving any residue.

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