Apply activated charcoal mask at home

It is very simple to use activated charcoal at home. Activated charcoal mask is one of the most effective and popular means. Just prepare it. The main thing is to choose an effective recipe for yourself. And there are a lot of them in folk medicine and cosmetology.

Preparation of the skin for the procedure

Remove all cosmetics from your face as usual, then wash with warm water. To scratch the skin of the face in one of the following ways, then the cleaning will be deeper and the nutrients will be absorbed better.

  • You will need a large towel and a saucepan, as well as a rubber band or hair clip to remove hair from your face. Prepare any herbal odor (e.g. Chamomile, parsley or nettle) until it has cooled, add 1-2 drops of oil (choose according to skin type: for oily, camphor, for dry shea or avocado, for normal – lavender or geranium). Mix the composition, place the pan on a stool or stool, cover with a towel over the container and steamed face. It is not necessary to strongly lower the head in the pan, it can be burned, and the optimal distance is 20-30 cm. For normal skin, the time of the procedure is about 15 minutes, dry skin should not be exposed to steam for more than 5 minutes, for oily skin,
  • Use a natural cotton towel, place it in a boiling broth, spremilo and cover it with your face. Put yourself in this position until the towel cools.
  • A lot of smoking products are sold in stores, but pay attention to the composition – should contain extracts of medicinal plants, berries, fruits, essential oils, vitamins).

If you have dry skin before unrolling, apply a nourishing cream (for 20-30 minutes). Skin tending to fat, treat with a special tonic or lotion.

Popular recipes for masks

Carbon masks are easy to prepare and use. At home, it is possible to prepare useful compounds for various purposes (elimination of oily shine, elimination of black spots, acne and facial wrinkles, feeding of the upper layer of the epidermis).

  • Mask of activated charcoal and gelatin: A mask from black dots with activated charcoal is made simply: one tablet is needed, which is thoroughly crushed. The resulting powder is mixed with a spoonful of gelatin. All is diluted with 2 small spoons of milk (preferably from a refrigerator). Ready mix put in the microwave for a quarter of an hour. After that, put on the face, wait for it to dry, and then take off. Such a film means will quickly help you in the fight against black spots.
  • Clay mask with activated charcoal: One tablet is mixed with a spoon of black or green clay. There is a spoon of warm milk and gelatin powder. Everything is heated until the gelatin is dissolved. Then the film mask is applied and held until it dries.
  • Activated charcoal with yoghurt: In this case, crushed tablets (1 spoonful) are mixed with 2 tablespoons of natural yogurt. There is also added a little lemon juice. This remedy is an excellent option for skin detoxification.

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