Activated charcoal soap for beauty treatment

Are you tired of fighting the oily skin? And did you know that you can cope with this common problem with a homemade activated charcoal soap that you can prepare yourself without someone’s help or tips?

There are quite a lot of recipes for such activated charcoal soap, and if you apply them correctly for this or that kind of skin you can achieve amazing results. As for the soap, which includes activated charcoal, it is suitable for any type of skin, so that it can be used by absolutely everyone.

How to prepare activated charcoal mask

What is so amazing about activated charcoal soap? The main ingredient, of course, is activated charcoal. How well activated charcoal helps the skin cope with the problem is known to everyone without exception, from small to large. But it turns out that the same activated charcoal in tablets is an excellent means for cleansing the pores of the skin, and it is thanks to this property that the mask with charcoal for cleansing the face is so effective.

Make activated charcoal soap

Wanting to make a soap that had a catchy visual appearance, I had to create a strong contrast.

In my natural soaps I do not use perfumes or dyes, unless I can get them naturally and, so to speak, at Km 0.

Although I have tried several times to create a color that significantly resist the action of soda, I have never succeeded.

Then I thought of the charcoal, which also performs an important purifying action on the skin.

So I decided to “sacrifice” the package I had at home.

Usually we use activated charcoal powder, so I had to pulverize it in a mortar; it was quite simple, because the tablets are very soft. However, I would like to reassure you that on the market it is already ready in specialized cosmetic stores, without going to spend a fortune in pharmacy or herbal medicine.

Here is the recipe with cold process

  • 1 kg of extra virgin olive oil (you can use simple olive oil)
  • 128 grams of caustic soda (5% discount)
  • 300 gr distilled water
  • 1 tablespoon charcoal powder (the amount varies in based on the weight of the oil and the intensity of the color you want to obtain)

The recipe is very simple, we proceed as usual for the cold method, taking care to add the charcoal at the time of the tape.

If you want to create a two-tone effect, all you have to do is divide the mixture into two parts and add the charcoal to only one part. In this way you get beautiful visual effects …. and almost artistic.

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