Liver Problems: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Liver Problems: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Liver is one of the most important, because of the amount of functions it performs, such as the transformation of food into energy, the elimination of alcohol and toxins from the blood, the production of bile, a yellow-green liquid that helps digestion, and help maintain the balance of glucose, protein, fat, cholesterol, hormones and vitamins in the body. There are liver problems: symptoms, causes, and treatment given below.

Liver problems:

There are many types of liver diseases:

  1. Some of them are caused by viruses, such as hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C.
  2. Others may be the result of ingestion of drugs, poisons, toxins or excess alcohol.
  3. Cirrhosis, which consists of the liver, forms scar tissue due to a disease, which prevents its proper functioning.
  4. Jaundice, or yellowing of the skin, may be a symptom of liver disease.
  5. Other liver diseases may be hereditary, such as hemochromatosis.
  6. As in other parts of the body, cancer can affect the liver.

Symptoms of liver disease:

  1. Bad digestion
  2. Swelling in the abdomen.
  3. Nausea, especially after eating fatty foods.
  4. Yellowing of eyes and skin (jaundice).
  5. Constipation.
  6. Dark urine.
  7. Bad breath and/or tongue with spots when getting up in the morning.
  8. Difficulty concentrating and memory.
  9. Fever, sweating, hives, rashes, and asthma.
  10. Frequent headaches.
  11. Fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome.
  12. Low tolerance to alcohol and some medications such as antibiotics.

Causes of liver disease:

  1. Alcohol abuse
  2. Lack of hygiene in the preparation of food.
  3. Direct exposure to certain chemicals affecting the liver (arsenic, mercury, lead, copper, phosphorus, selenium) as well as pesticides and insecticides.
  4. Excessive doses of medications, or self-medication.
  5. Having unsafe sex, as well as sharing syringes, toothbrushes, or shaving articles.

Treatment of liver diseases:

Here are the best home remedies for liver problems we have compiled:

  1. Olive oil for liver problems
  2. Artichoke for liver problems
  3. Marian thistle for liver problems
  4. Decoction of dandelion for liver problems
  5. Boldo infusion for liver problems
  6. Dandelion Infusion for Liver Problems
  7. Sage infusion for liver problems
  8. Green Tea to Protect the Liver
Green Tea
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Our remedies for liver problems are meant to help you stay informed, but they should never replace a medical appointment. It is essential that you consult your doctor about this or any other natural treatment, as well as possible contraindications or incompatibilities.

Food/diet for liver problems:

Modification of eating habits is vital for the healing of the hepatobiliary system.

  • Foods advised against:
  1. Foods rich in fat.
  2. All kinds of exciting: coffee, tobacco, and especially, alcohol.
  3. The take of conventional medicines should be kept to a minimum.
  4. Eggs especially fried. You can eat 1 or 2 per week passed by water.
  • Foods to reduce their consumption:
  1. Refined flours: pastries, white bread, industrial sweets, pizzas, etc.
  2. Apples: despite being a very healthy food, it can cause congestion to many people suffering from the gallbladder.
  3. Whole milk and its derivatives.
  4. Fatty meats
  • Food Diet Basis:
  1. Slow absorption carbohydrates: whole grains, pasta, carrots, etc.
  2. Fruit, both sweet and sour: banana, pear, melon, orange, lemon, etc., avoiding apples and strawberries, the latter because they can cause allergic reactions.
  3. Vegetables and vegetables, briefly cooked, especially the artichoke.
  4. Varied vegetable salads.
  5. Foods rich in sulfur: cabbage, cauliflower, onion, garlic, etc.


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