Different types of Scams and how they trick people of all ages

Scammers are actually clever, inventive and able to persuade people of all ages that they are sincere and telling the truth!  Maybe, if they used these skills for good purposes instead of evil, they would be able to help a lot of innocent people, rather than conning them out of their money!  You can protect yourself, family and friends from the most common scams by reading information on AML ID VERIFICATION from professional companies such as http://www.w2globaldata.com/an-idiots-guide-to-aml-kyc-id-verification/ these elite organisations help ordinary people understand how scammers work and how real businesses have to abide by certain rules and regulations to disclose how they obtain their profits.

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Let’s have a look at some of the more common types of Scams that are still catching people out, Covid – 19, messages offering a vaccine for a fee, the NHS is the only organisation able to obtain and administer the injection and would never ask for money!  Investment Scams, phone calls and messages offering large financial returns with bonuses if you sign quickly.  Pension Scams, a phone call, text or email, offering you free advice on your pension, cold calling is not permitted for this type of advice!

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Courier Fraud, a phone call from someone who claims to be your bank or the police, they say that a fraudulent payment has been made from your account and they need all your details to prevent the money from being stolen!  Don’t be a victim to online Scammers, be vigilant and keep your money and identity safe!

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