Prevent cancer disease with 10 easy strategies

What Are Some Of The Common Cancer Causes Today?

Cancers have become one of the most common causes of death globally today. There is a wide variety of these diseases, but lung, colon, blood, cervical, and prostate cancer are the most common. Fortunately, cancer is treatable if detected early by a professional oncologist Orange County-based. Different cancers have varying causes. Nonetheless, this article will sum up some of the most common causes of cancer in this generation.


Today’s generation is leading poor lifestyles, especially when it comes to luxury and partying. Smoking, alcohol consumption, and drug abuse have been ranked as top reasons for lung, mouth, and liver cancers. That is why doctors advise against substance abuse.

The Environment

Climate changes have also been directly linked with different cancers. Due to global warming, the sun’s UV rays have become more intense than before. Industries, vehicles, and garbage release toxic gases that can cause cancer.

Poor Dieting

Some foods and drinks have been closely associated with different types of cancers and other illnesses. A considerable percentage of the world’s population does not know how to plan their diet, and the food they consume affects their health. Additionally, most people today have tight schedules such that they have no time for work out and physical activity.

Family History

It may sound hard to believe, but you can inherit cancer from your family line. The disease could arise from a genetic mutation, or maybe your relatives were exposed to dangerous chemicals in the past.

Exposure To Some Viruses

There are some viruses you can contract and end up with one or more cancers in your body. HIV/AIDS and human papillomavirus (HPV) are some of the infectious agents closely associated with different cancers.

Suffering from cancer does not only cause pain to your body. It can also drain you financially, mainly due to the necessary medical attention you will require. You can learn more from different sources on some of the best ways to prevent cancer.

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