How Parkinsons can affect individuals

Parkinson’s disease is one of many degenerative brain disorders that can strike at any time. One of its most celebrated sufferers is the Hollywood film star, Michael J Fox. Fox is the star of many iconic 80’s teen movies like Teenwolf and the Back to the Future series. His promising career was cut somewhat short by his diagnosis. He is not alone. The latest UK figures put the number of Parkinson’s disease sufferers at 137,000. This is growing and the increase in Care Jobs Gloucester way, and throughout the country, shows that care for someone with Parkinson’s is greatly needed.

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The initial stages of the illness are not as pronounced as people think. The tremors and shaking that come with the disease are not something that people feel straight away. Over time they will begin to lose movement in their limbs and other faculties. This means that the person will need to have help with the basic things in life.

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Driving will become impossible. This is one of the hardest things for many to lose as it is directly linked to the sense of independence and freedom in society. As the condition worsens the ability to cook and clean the home will also be difficult. Finally, the individuals’ own care, for themselves, starts to fail and they will need help in the basics of life.

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